Are all religions equally moral nowadays?



Christianism, Judaism, Islam…
These are the three main monotheistic religions, and these are mainly the ones I’m talking about.
I think that they’re not all equally moral. Of course, morals are subjective, and so I assume many people will disagree, but it is my opinion that, of the three, nowadays, Islam is the worst, Judaism is in the middle, and Christianity is the best.

What do you think?

Note: This is coming from a die-hard atheist so any arguments on the basis that I favour Christianity due to my own religion will be mocked unceremoniously.


I would say all religions are equal due to the openness of interpretation, and how all of them say/have people doing pretty extreme things in all of them.

I would guess the only reason you see Christianity as “the best one” is because you have been surrounded by the most moderate Christians, and your media has presented the most moderate Christians to you.

You will find Muslims just as moderate if you look at places like Indonesia, the -stans, the Balkans, or hell, even Jordan.


The media I watch, on the contrary, allows me to examine the most extremist Christians: Americans. (lol)
More seriously, in the past 30-50 years, how many terrorist attacks have been claimed by Christians?
And how many by Jews?
And how many by Muslims?

I live very near Malaysia, Indonesia etc. which are majoritarily Muslim countries, and one of my best friends is a very moderate Muslim (he drinks, but doesn’t eat pork, prays)

Let’s now take a look at global facts.

How many Christian non-secular states can you name?
I can name one: El Salvador.

How many non-secular Muslim states can you name?
I can name a bunch: Malaysia, the UAE, most of the -stans, Saudi Arabia, etc.

You may be thinking: “But, in itself, just because a country is officially Muslim doesn’t make Islam worse”.
Well, there are two facets and points to this.

  1. Secularism is generally seen as a marker of social progression, and Islamic countries do not have it while European, ex-Christian nations do.

  2. The way the Koran is applied (Sharia Law) in Islamic countries makes extreme sexism, capital punishment, torture and bodily punishments the norm, which is extremely backward in a general sense, when we look at the US and Europe.
    Women are getting the right to drive this year in Saudi Arabia It’s 2018!

What do you think of all this?


If morals are subjective then you have no basis for saying some religions can be morally worse or better.

Yes some religions are worse than others. I think that’s demonstrable - just compare ISIS to Tibetan monks.

What needs to be mentioned though is that there are multiple interpretations of the same religion that are also worse or better. So to say Christianity is better than Islam and Judaism is a not very nuanced when you consider that there are very unsavoury interpretations of Christianity which are worse than mainstream Judaism or Islam.


Not even close my guy.

Ok but if we’re going by that definition, I could call Germany a Christian state because the Christian party is in power.

European is not opposite to Muslim, and just because a place has a “state religion” does not mean they are not a rather secular nation.

You need to learn to differentiate between Wahhabis and regular Muslims. Look at the Ismailis, look at Jordan, look at most of North Africa, or the -stans, heck, even Iran is pretty darn progressive in a lot of ways.


I would like to say this. A bible believing christian has nothing to do with religion. Christianity and religion are not of anything of the sort. Christianity stands out from the rest of these “religions” is because of Jesus and what he did on the cross for everyone. Jesus died on the cross and rose again 3 days later to prove that he conquered sin and death for all of us. Jesus died for us as an ultimate sacrifice for everyone so that we didn’t have to make our own sacrificial offerings to Jesus. Read Hebrews 10:1-18 in the New Testament in the Bible will clear up much confusion in this matter.

I’ll leave it at that for now.

Brother in Christ


Ok? Well I have a hard time believing Christianity is not a religion, and an even harder time believing these supposed things Jesus did for us. That aside, what does any of this have to do with what I said?


If Jesus died but he knew he was gonna be revived then it isn’t a sacrifice. Why are you approving of a scape goat for your own Crimes, Christianity literally encourages you to treat the most innocent man to have ever existed as a scape goat to your crimes. , (a majority of which have literally no victim). Not to mention god giving you the literal compulsions to do said crimes (usually called sins). Contradictory design. In deism we think god created the universe and left it at that, we don’t even know if god knows we exist


Both Christianity and Islam, slave holding ideologies, have basically developed into intolerant, homophobic and misogynous religions. Both religions have grown themselves by the sword instead of good deeds and continue with their immoral ways in spite of secular law showing them the moral ways.

Jesus said we would know his people by their works and deeds. That means Jesus would not recognize Christians and Muslims as his people, and neither do I. Jesus would call Christianity and Islam abominations.

Gnostic Christians did in the past, and I am proudly continuing that tradition and honest irrefutable evaluation based on morality.

Humanity centered religions, good? Yes.

Supernaturally based religions, evil? Yes.

Do you agree?

The above is almost a signature to me these days.

As to Jews; they range from fundamentals to atheist so I cannot condemn them as easily as Muslims who murder their own apostates.

There is also the Karaite Jews who more or less lead Jewish thinking and they put man above God.