Are governments just protection rackets for the 1%?


Funny how such regulation never seems to happen though isn’t it.

It’s almost as if capitalist states governments’ are all easily bought or something.


Funny how “people’s republics” almost always end up with an autocratic regime with the party elite living far better than the common citizen, isn’t it. Bribery and corruption are issues, yes, but to blame them on capitalism is just plain ignorant. There have been plenty of capitalist countries in Europe which have implemented the proper regulations to make healthcare affordable, even if the govt isn’t paying for it.


My counter to the “not real socialism” trope in a nutshell


Well to be fair, just having a self-proclaimed socialist party in power doesn’t mean the economy is socialist, nor does it mean that the workers will control the means of production either. While Venezuela has elected self-proclaimed socialist leaders, it is certainly not socialist, as public employment is only around 20%, and government spending around 30% of GDP.


I understand the allure of the socialist ideal. However, considering its track record and success/failure ratio, I think that it’s time to try something different. Social Democracy, Market Socialism and even Syndicalism have worked but pretty much everything else has been an absolute failure or didn’t exist long enough to know for sure.


Well yea, state socialism almost always ends up in failure, but like you said, more libertarian iterations of socialism are vastly superior, anything from mixed state-cooperative economy to syndicalism as you stated.


My issue there as socialism almost always ends up as state socialism, regardless of the original intent. The only remotely successful example of Libertarian Socialism was the CNT-FAI, but that was on the scale of a city-state and only lasted 3 years. Scaled up that idea might not work out