Are Monarchs Just Dictators With Religious Importance?


In Western politics, the connotation with the words “monarch” and “dictator” are incredibly different.

The word monarch is one most often associated with the (mostly) benevolent modern day British monarchy, whereas the word dictator is associated with leaders like Stalin and Hitler.

I once asked my history prof what the actual difference between a monarch and dictator was.

He claimed that monarchs claimed the right to rule on the basis that they were given that right by God.

Do you find this definition true?

Why do you think there are such different connotations with the words “monarch” and “dictator”?


Monarchs use Divine Right, dictators use power theory. The definition is pretty much on spot; however dictator is often associated with despotic men where monarchs are often associated with lackluster inbreed children. The modern day British monarchy isn’t the real monarchy, just a puppet, the last real British monarch was shipped off to the Caribbean for being a Fascist.

All in all, both imply authoritarianism and are just really position titles.


Yes, monarchs in Europe today are the cultural vestiges of the ruling class of the feudal era, back then unity between peoples were defined by religion rather then today which would be language culture and ethnicity, I.e modern nations and their states. Nations existed back then too but they largely took a back seat in terms of politics compared to religion. This is why religious wars in Europe were such a common and big thing, a heretical king is an illegitimate monarch etc. Back then to do or go to war you needed the permission of the church again because that’s where your legitimacy arose from. The modern term for feudal domain would probably be empire as this religious homogeneity standard goes all the way back to the roman republic/empire.

Monarchs today however are much more benevolent because they are at the backseat of politics, especially with the romanticist movement have mostly a symbolic role. Some people even rather hilariously tie them to ethnic identity (very few monarchs in Europe ever did this, with exception to Celtic ones like the Irish and Scottish high kings, though their respective Catholic Churches were isolated from the pope much of the time, which was why Britain was permitted to conquer us) I believe the British queen literally comes a German noble house for example.


She does, the last real monarch was shipped off for being a Fascist.


Which one?


George VI


Fair enough. When was the last purely British/Norman monarch bred out?


Heck, when Saxe-Coburg was made into the royals.


Fair enough