Are speech impediments disabilities?


Are speech impediments disabilities?

I have a moderate stammer, which sometimes stops me from saying and doing things for that matter, but does this make me disabled?

Are conditions such as stammers and tourettes a disability?


Definitely not. Stammers for some people are just a confidence issue, but for others it may just be the wiring of your brain. I think learning to control it, learning to breath properly when you have one, and thinking about what you want to say before you say, are all important. For about a week, year ago, I had a slight stammer where I would get caught up in what I wanted to say. Elocution lessons snapped it right back out of me.


Very, very mild disabilities perhaps. “Disability” can mean a hell of a lot of things.


But for some people, including me, I’ve tried this and to no avail. For me I suppose I’m a lost cause. I’ve been to speech therapy twice, I tried the Joe Biden thing ‘reading poems’ etc.

We are actually covered under the Equality Act.


Implying anyone would count a ‘slight stammer’ for ‘about a week’ as a disability.

We’re talking mostly talking about moderate-severe stammers that last for years.


For me my stammer is just a block. Like when I’m ordering my food (when theres no friends to order for me), I just can’t speak for the first 10-15 seconds and even then I stammer quite harshly when speaking.


But the world is waking up to it, the fact that most big companies provide provisions for people who stammer (my speech therapist showed me a few case studies of CEOs from companies like BP) who stammer etc it surprised me.


I wouldn’t consider that a disability, or moderate.


Disability is “a physical or mental condition that limits a person’s movements, senses, or activities.”

So yes, a stammer is a disability.


You should literally see me speaking.

It is a stammer, I’ve had it for the past 7-8 years (and on and off before that), it’s been passed down from my granddad and every 1 in 4 words I get blocked on. It stops me entering situations that would actually help me because I have zero self esteem or confidence.


I’m thinking about doing the McGuire programme, it is £900 but it has a very high pass rate.


yes they are literally speaking a physical/mental disability, but they do not make you “disabled”.


In the form that it limits your abilities, yes.

In the form that you are significantly disadvantaged and you need support or protection, no.

The same way for example ugliness or loss of a finger limits your abilities but it does not make you disabled.


Speaking as someone who has grown up with an intellectual disability , speech impediments definitely wouldn’t count , at least for anything that would constitute a need for aid. If it does not impair your day to day life in any substantial way or impair any of your core and peripheral functions of either your brain or body then it wouldn’t be recognized as a disability , the guys in occupational health, psychiatric and psychologists develop various categories for what are disorders diseases and disabilities.
In my case I had a variant of autism that severely disrupted my ability to speak during my younger years, I could do math before i could speak a sentence. Although I have no problems with language or communication these days because i got help when I was young, with exception to my laziness with grammar , as @Frankie can attest, you corrected the grammar of several of my posts…uninvited lol.
A side note, if your stammers are severe enough to stop you talking often enough it would probably be listed as a disorder somewhere.

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Depends. I have a hard time thinking of a speech impediment so bad that it would warrant benefits.


I mean you get free speech therapy on the NHS anyway, but if a stammer impairs your way of working (verbally to customers) then you should be protected, which we are under The Equality Act


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No. It doesn’t effect you in an extremely negative sense. It’s the same thing as dyslexia, it’s more an inconvenience than anything else.


I feel like I have a similar issue, though most of the time it’s not present. Feels almost as if my mouth refuses to do what I’m telling it to.