Are speech impediments disabilities?


I would say you have a minor disability but nothing big of course


No, speech impediments are a social construct.


That doesn’t mean it isn’t a disability.


My stammer was inherited.


Well, you inherited a disposition, the actual stammer is also part due to developmental issues with speech.


Disability? Eh… it doesn’t really prevent you from working in most areas or anything does it?


It does, you can’t use the phone or communicate which many jobs require you to do, speak to other people etc


Speech impediments largely are not that serious


They are minor disabilities.


You should see a stammerer then lol


I have.


Stammering is a range, unlike other speech impediments its not one thing fits all.

Some can hardly speak and some can speak semi fluently.

So to just say it’s ‘not that serious’ is either because you haven’t read into stammering (which I don’t expect you to) or you just haven’t met a range of stammerers.


I have met a range of stammers, have heard very bad stammers.

The fact of the matter is that you’re completely exaggerating the amount of work that requires clear concise communication, and not being able to get a minimum wage service job is not really a good reason for the government to classify it as a disability. In fact it’s the other way around for almost all other disabilities I can think of; it’s classified as a disability because you cant do anything besides minimum wage service work.


If the impediment prevents you from carrying out basic tasks and impacts on your ability to do ‘normal’ things, then I would class it as a minor disability.