Are the 'Anti-Fascists' in the U.S. actually the fascists?


Yet, as we’ve seen from my links above, that’s not always the case…

Fascism for the Million, Oswald Mosley, pp.1-2 - “it is hoped that the progress of the new Fascist State will be ordered and peaceful.”

>which exists in all ideologies

>conveniently forgetting AntiFa marginalize political minorities


I agree with the rest of what you’re saying, but political minorities are not the same as people that are minorities due to their skin color/sexuality.


Of course, but it cannot be ignored.


well nobody is ignoring it, the fact that they are political minorities works to his favor, political beliefs aren’t inherent, you choose to believe things. in that case hitting someone for choosing to believe something that (in his view) is inherently evil, is justified, while marginalizing someone for being born with something isn’t.


Lol wut? So can Bridget Gabriele just start smacking the shit out of random Muslims on the street?


no, because that doesn’t adhere to his view.


[quote=“oli, post:57, topic:109929”]
Evidence of AntiFa being violent without being provoked?[/quote]
Someone saying things you do not like or someone you do not like getting democratically elected are not provocation or initiation.

Also way to shift the goalposts from not initiating violence to just not being provoked.

Is this violence?

Also see Bingo’s post.

But the ideology itself promotes intolerance.

Do they actually do any violence or just promote it? (if they even do that)

And that is not okay. There are other ways to stop them that are not as bad as they themselves are.

Do you have any idea how dangerous of a precedent this sets?


Yet his view, as viewed by the vast majority, is inherently evil and give the moral high ground to those who are attacked.

That would be like legitimising attacks against Muslims, many of whom hold those sorts of views about minorities.

Although they choose where they want to live, and if they choose to live somewhere that hates them… You get my point…

That brings up the question of whether they choose to believe something. Yes, it’s not innate, but you don’t necessarily choose your beliefs.


I don’t know about you but I didn’t choose to be born in the U.S. Was there a ‘level select’ screen that I missed?

I’m not arguing that.


I was arguing immigrants, but I understand your point


Friendly reminder that resisting fascism does not make one a fascist.

Edit: To be honest guys I never thought I would be reduced to having to say something as blatantly obvious as this earnestly but these days I guess I really shouldn’t be surprised.


Ordered and peaceful ethnic cleansing is a contradiction in terms.

No, all ideologies disagree with other ideologies, but not all ideologies advocate marginilisng and excluding certain groups of people like fascists do. AntiFa want to stop people like that causing conflict and acting out on their beliefs, because they are a threat to tolerant, peaceful and accepting society. I don’t know what’s so hard to understand, it is not possible to live in a tolerant society when you allow intolerant people to cause conflict and discriminate against others.

As for the links, half of them are in a language I don’t understand. The situation in the Finland video can not be properly seen. The Yvette Felarca video shows a racist with a weapon being disarmed by a group. The NPI dinner protest was completely peaceful. The Richard Spencer punch was unprovoked, but I think justifiable: the guy is advocating ethnic cleansing, whilst not directly inciting violent behaviour, he certainly is an indirect cause and he knows it. I think people like him deserve to be punched, they are clearly out to discriminate and cause conflict in our society, which should be met with strong opposition.

Besides, AntiFa violence is infrequent and usually a mild scrap, I don’t think you have enough evidence to denounce the entire Antifa community as extreme violent thugs.


I literally just told you that Islam isn’t a monolithic and homogeneous entity, I’m not going to repeat myself again Cameron. Please read my words a little more carefully.

Yes, racist hate crimes happen all the time. When antifa clash with fascists both sides are very up for kicking the shit out of each other, it’s not like antifa are the ones who start shit. There are literally lists of communists that fascists draw up to go and harass/abuse.


But fascism is???


It is intolerant towards other religions in the same way Christianity is…[quote=“oli, post:73, topic:109929”]
Yes, racist hate crimes happen all the time. When antifa clash with fascists both sides are very up for kicking the shit out of each other,

Some of those people just want to go listen to a speech or state their political ideas…


one can not be a fascist unless they’re in power

One can not be a communist unless they’re classless :wink:


Intolerant of other religions



Just open up a history textbook.


Except history doesn’t support your statement at all, besides which, burden on proof is actually on you.


So you are okay with unprovoked violence against people you disagree with?

If I walked up and punched an AntiFa unproked because I thought their ideology leads to violence would that be okay?

So fucking what?

You said Islam is not inherently intolerant.

I showed why it is.

Perhaps it is you who should read more carefully.

And besides what you said is true of every ideology, including ones like Nazism. That does not mean the ideology itself is not inherently intolerant.

Except when they suckerpunch people because they disagree with them.