Are the 'Anti-Fascists' in the U.S. actually the fascists?



Spanish Inquisition

Treating other religions as religions of the devil. Literally, you can find this sooooo easily if you just look at anything before the Enlightenment.


No, they just employ the same anti-democratic methods that mainline liberals and conservatives find harmful and unpalatable. Other than that what they advocate for is completely juxtaposed and fairly irreconcilable.


Crusades were primarily defensive and then morphed into regaining territory.

Spanish Inquisition removed mainly muslims (who were going around murdering people, as they typically do) and gays, again defense in the case of Islam and LGTQXYZ123 is not a religion.

Try again.


In the sense of deportation, not really, in terms of killing? It is a contradiction, but not all fascists/variants of fascism believes in that.

“It’s okay because they won’t do that much”

Which a lot of the time is by lashing out first.

Nor do I, AntiFa are quite clearly a violent and extremist movement, which regarding those two things, make them comparable to neo-Nazis.


A majority of browsers have inbuilt translators.

The video shows a man with what looks like a poll out of a cheap wardrobe/plastic piping who didn’t attack anyone, who then was attacked by Yvette Felarca.

Yet they apparently attacked wait staff.

So what?

He’s a cunt, but he was peaceful.

Can I now go around punching Muslims minorities who argue for the death penalty to me because of my sexuality?

It wasn’t justified, it wasn’t even provoked.

An indirect cause to something that isn’t happening and won’t happen.

I don’t disagree.

Same for neo-Nazis.

Well gee now I’ve gone and turned my opinion on it’s head with all this “evidence” that hasn’t been given that somehow refutes my point; I better get all my black clothes together and attack some people so I can be part of the ever-peaceful AntiFa.


somewhat relevant:


Just because two groups have similar methods to achieve their goals, does not mean their goals are the same, nor does it mean they’re of the same fucking ideology.


No but most people wouldn’t consider a non-exclusionary form of Fascism to be ‘Fascism’, it’s at the basis of their ideology. Whereas a liberal democratic form of Islam is totally possible and quite common in the West.


There were 10,000 non whites in the whole of England at the time. A few boats would’ve contained them all.


I think what Winston Churchill said is true. look at the US, Liberals and anti-fascists attack and threaten anyone who disagrees with them. I’m not sure how bad it is in the UK but in the US, it is really bad. God help American democracy in the future.


Somewhat relevant.


If they’re specifically in support of anti-fascism, I don’t see how one draws the conclusion that they’re fascist.

Not to mention the ideologies of anti-fascists are extremely different fro those of fascists, even if you find a few similarities in policy prescription


No one cares what you think then , violence is violence whether or not you see it as such.


The same could be said about socialism’s policies toward the bourgeois though.


Using violence to achieve political aims isn’t fascism. Unless just about every country in history is “fascist”.


Also, antifa violence is nowhere near as prevalent historically as squadristi violence was. When anti-fascists break into Neo Nazi homes and beat them to death in front of their wives and children, then the comparison will become more apt.


Fascist in the sense of genuine fascism? Hell no, lmao. In terms of the popularised and false conception of fascism as being anything that’s even remotely about infringing upon liberties or using force? Yeah. By the same metric most political movements in all of history are fascist though. It’s kind of a shit term, and a bad criticism. You don’t really convince any Antifa not to act in this way, though I suppose you do get the common man on your side who looks at the violence and thinks “fuck that”, subsequently defining the entirety of their political opinions as a reaction to what they see.

Personally, though, I think some Antifa violence against genuine fascists can be pretty well fucking justified. There’s been dozens to hundreds of cases of fascist groups / individuals attacking Antifa that are actually helping the average person. As for the Berkeley Riots, I don’t agree or endorse the actions of the protesters, and a lot of Antifa are really fucking annoying.

Violence is inherent in almost all political movements. Hell, the state itself is an instrument with a supposed monopoly on legitimised violence. The question is how do you minimise that while achieving your goals.


Most socialists wouldn’t advocate the bourgeoisie be harmed, they’d advocate that their property be expropriated from them and distributed amongst society; not simply because they hate the group of people that are the bourgeoisie, but because they believe in the equal distribution of property. Fascism entails marginalisation, socialism entails inclusion.


It would appear that no one on this thread realizes that fascism is a form of socialism.
Stating that socialism is inclusive when fascism is exclusionary is ridiculous.
Both are forms of governmental economic and social control resulting in the enrichment of the elites at the expense of the average person and freedom.
Antifa is an example of a group demanding social control through the use of violence if necessary.
Really quite close to fascism regardless of what they choose to call themselves.


Just because two ideologies are authoritarian, does not mean they belong to the same ideological group.

Additionally, they disagree with each other relating to market freedom.


No, but they’re still bad. Clarification:

Are antifascists actually fascists? No


Are Anti-fascists nearly or equally as authoritarian as fascists? Yeah pretty much.

In modern culture we’ve come to use fascism as a catch-all term for extreme authoritarianism; however, that’s just one aspect of the ideology.