Are the 'Anti-Fascists' in the U.S. actually the fascists?


Not at all really.
They are not directly serving any hierarchical authority, and many members of the movement are themselves anarchists of some sort.

The antifa don’t have a homogeneous ideological identity, they are a group of well, those who are strongly antifacist and will often use violence to work against such.


Black-blockers, who vandalize innocent bystanders’ private property aren’t doing anything to stop fascism, if anything they’re just furthering it. If you wanna go punch Richard Spencer, go ahead. I won’t support you but I will admit that he probably deserved it. But when you blow up my car then you’ve crossed a line. When you shatter my windows you cross a line. When you attack ANYONE who remotely disagrees with you, then you’ve crossed a line. And on the other side of that line I’ll be standing there with Mossberg 590, loaded with rubber shot, aimed at whoever dares cross that line


Are you autistic or politically illiterate?

Go and look up socialisms definition, do it. Then tell me with a straight face what you just described is socialism


The only “socialist” country that I think was described by that sentence was N. Korea, which is basically a glorified monarchy


Short answer: No.

Long answer: While left wingers in the US have become extremely butthurt sometimes in the way they block others’ opinions and neglect their right to free speech, I daresay US Antifa is even further from fascism than actual Antifa.
This doesn’t make them better at all, of course, and EU Antifa is much more advanced in its organization, opinions and tactics than the former, but seeing as most EU Antifascists are primarily Communists, while their American counterparts are mainly Anarchists, it simple therefore to argue that, due to Anarchism being the opposite of Fascism (as per the Political Compass), US Antifascists are less fascists than regular Antifa.

Hope this helped :slight_smile:


i wasn’t justifying the destruction of property, however the aren’t authoritarian, as they are not part of a hierarchical intuition, and generally don’t seem to establish such.


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anon78997968Feb '17
"There’s no evidence that Churchill ever said that quote (and I’d be willing to wager it’s fake) and thinking that antifa are fascists is moronic. It shows you know even less about Fascism than they do."

Apparently mr anon, you are a typical leftist ideologue, who does not use ration, reason, logic, common sense to critically think in determining what the truth is. Regardless if Winston Churchill actually stated that quote is irrelevant, because it’s a factual statement, aka truth.

Anti-FA uses the very same tactics Hitler’s Brownshirts used in 1920s,30s-cause civil chaos, rioting, violence, physical assaults, destruction, then claim they are the only ones who cans stop the civil chaos, rioting violence.

Just today, 3 June 2018 in Oregon, anti-FA violently attacked a peaceful Patriot Prayer rally, without provocation.

According to your leftist indoctrinated logic, if you are a Leftist / Socialist Marxist Democrat, you cannot be a Fascist because you are categorized within a leftwing political paradigm, just like you cannot be a racist if you are Black, or any other minority person of color. Wrong!

Reality Truth:
It’s the actions (use of Intimidation, Fear, Threats, Hate, and Violence) by a person or a group that defines if they are “Fascist” or not.

It’s the actions of a person or a group that defines of they are Socialist Marxist Communists or not.

It’s the actions of a person or group that defines whether they are a Islamist Muslim Terrorist or not, etc, etc…

Using your brain to determine reality means to see and accept truth as it is, of what is happening, not what you have been indoctrinated to believe.


Well the two ideologies are inherently contradictory in a sense. Fascism is characterized by dictatorial and authoritarian control of the means of production, socialism proposes worker control of the means of production. While nationalism necessarily opposed to socialism strictly by definition, the two generally do not go together as socialist seek to end oppression and frequently to reduce hierarchy. A feature of capitalism is the exploitative of other nations to further the wealth of the bourgeoisie. While authoritarian left-wing ideologies do exist, when executed, they typically degenerate into state-capitalism, with the state becoming the new bourgeoisie, with no real worker control. Your latter example of “faulty leftist logic” really isn’t inherent to leftism, as while many of those on the left do seek to liberate all peoples from oppression, including racial oppression and inequality, many do not hold certain extreme identity politics oriented views sometimes expressed by the center-right in the United States, i.e. democrats.


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Answer no. The fascists of america are very much trump supporters, and you are talking to one. I wouldn’t dream of assaulting someone because we disagree. These people arent fascist. They are militant marxists and it is time to call them that.


The Spanish inquisition and crusades were very much self defense. Islam had been pushing into Christian holy lands, subjegating people and slaughtering christians.


The Christians responded by slaughtering Muslims, Jews, and even fellow Christians tho. Not to mention all of the expansionist crusades in the Baltic’s against Balto-Slavic tribes.

The Spanish Inquisition responses to Berber attrocities with persecution of Jews and Muslims. My ancestors were burned at the stake for not converting to Christianity. Anyone who dared to even question the Church was tortured and killed. There’s defense, there’s counterattacking, and then there’s crimes against humanity


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