Are the Bruins any good at all?!?


I mean the real team…??

Because they seemed pretty sucky on Gretzky 05. I mean DAMN, I beat them all over the place.

Final score 18-2.

Three players had hattricks in this game. Forsberg, Hejduk and Blake. Three players scored half my points. The Bruins Goalie (Hannu Toivonen) can’t be that bad can he? I was putting one timers and slapshots past him like it was nothing.

This after having four home game shut outs in a row.

Redwings 9-0
NY Islanders 8-0
NJ Devils 6-0 (sorry baconmang)
Columbus 8-0


the game lets you score a lot when you have it set on easy


It’s on pro. it’s tougher than it was. Thanks.