Are there any UFC/MMA fans here?


If any one is interested, there is a UFC PPV tonight. I’ll put a live thread when the main card starts if anybody else here is a fan and wants to participate.


I’m not really into UFC, and I’m definitely not into anything that’s PPV. But I will watch sometimes, and I do enjoy listening to sports radio, so I know bits of it here and there. If you do create a thread I would probably follow along.


UFC is my favorite sport! McGregor is my favorite. Had never heard of him until 2014 and I’ve followed him since. He’s great and I hope he gets that fight eight Floyd Mayweather. A big event this weekend with Anthony “Rumble” Johnson and D.C. for the Lightheavyweight belt.


I figured there would be at least one person around here who is a fan haha. I’m obsessed with it. I write for a website in the UK from time to tome, as well. Hopefully some more people want to follow along tonight. Like I said, I’ll slap a post up if there is some more interest.


I love it. I had always been interested in it, but Conor got me really into it. When I was back home, I always went out with a few friends drinking to watch the events.


Conor has definitely taken it to the next level. I thought he was good when I first saw him, but I had no idea what was coming.


Aye. My first fight I had actually saw live was when he faced Dennis Siver in Boston. It was crazy. He picked him apart and then jumped out the octagon and got in Aldo’s face. I knew he would beat Aldo too! :cote_divoire::muscle:t2:


Will always be my favorite press conference! The Irish crowd was ruthless there.:smile:


Just saw the Cormier news


I’m so glad I didn’t put up a thread for that card. It was miserable. I


Was it one-sided? Or do you not like Cormier?


A lot of it was D.C. pressing Rumble against the cage.


Surprised by the news that Rumble is retiring.:pensive: