Are these prices/items decent?


imputting together my list of the things i want to be ordering soon - most of it is available on v6mustang stuff - was wondering about opinions on the stuff i picked, and the prices they charge (is that site the same as completeexhasut, where i can call and get a cheaper price? or is the web page accurate…)

Ford Racing Gears 4.10(ss) 209.99
Ford T-Lock Differential(ss) 189.99
T-Lock/Gear 7.5in Installation Kit 109.99
ASP Underdrive Pulley 99-03 161.99
Bilstein Front Strut(SS) x2 373.98
Bilstein Rear Shock(SS) x2 189.98
Ford Racing Subframe Connectors 99.99
Ford Racing Strut Tower Brace 124.99

i also plan on getting that 320$ catback from completeexhaust(magnaflow)

here are some of the quetsions i have, and i am open to any opinions that i havent asked about as well-

is the ford t-lok ok, or shuold i go with something better. this is a daily driver - i want the t-lok mostly for bad weather and traction.
again, as a daily driver, should i go with the 4.10s or 3.73’s? it in an automatic, so i dont know if id like the 3.73s but if im driving it around town a lot with the occasional highway driving, would 3.73s still give me a decent kick while being more practical, or should i just go 4.10s

the price there for gears was FRPP i think - is FRPP required, or is motive ok… on mustang tuning they have motives for a bunch less, but i dont want crappy quality)

is that too much for an underdrive pulley?

i know the bilsteins are expensive, but i really want to improve the ride as much as a ic an (its a convertible, so it needs help). i dont plan on lowering so i am keeping the stock springs for now. what kind of improvement will i notice with the bilsteins and the chassis stiffening?


factory 7.5" t-loc would be fine for you unless you ran slicks at the strip, 4.10’s are the way to go on your ride. Me, personally I wouldnt get aftermarket shocks with the stock springs… ride might be better but I doubt the handling would change… save that money and get an aftermarket midpipe and chip for probably another 25 ponies


you dont think i should go with the magnaflow v6 catback?
what would the chip for that kind of increase - timing?

regarding what you said about the suspension, stangsuspension offeres the shocks i want paired with springs, but its listed as 700+ bucks. (
thats a little high i think.
i was under the impression the handling would be more responsive - what would you reccomend then? i dont really want to lower if i can help it, since i dont want to make the ride worse than it is

edit: i should probably clarify - my suspension priorities are as follows:
stiffening is a must, clearly. then, i want to improve the handling, but more important is the comfort. i want it to feel as much like a ‘normal’ car should when going over bumps and such. i know that is semi-paradoxical, but the bottom line is i would like imroved handling but not at the expense of having it ride like a brick

edit again (i dont want to keep adding new posts…): is stang suspension a reputable dealer? i just contacted them and Josh responded. seems smart. are they generally good with shipping, etc.?