Are these worth the money they cost?


i dont know much about this stuff, but i figure if i ever do anything else to my car, it will involve heads, cam and/or internals,

and these are really cheap…

are they worth anything over what i already have? or are the stock 03 v6 heads better than these anyway…

i would ask this on MM but its a timed auction and i know more people are here (only for now, hopefully)

ooh almost forgot link -

ok no more ebay posts from me today :smiley:


if you know a reliable machine shop, it would be cheaper to simply pull the heads yourself and have them ported…that way you know that they have not been worked to hide a problem of some sort.


Re: RE: are these worth the money they cost?

true, good point. i was just figuring that 50$ was not a big risk, if in reality they were really quality parts. this is assuming that they would in fact perform lots better than what i have now. but i dont know if they would…