Are we as humans obligated to help other humans?


Are we as humans obligated to help other humans?


Have they done you no wrong, and is the inconvenience of helping them outweighed by your desire to not be a total knob?


I don’t think humans are obligated to do anything. Some people find it to be right, or morally right at least, to help others. Some people are more selfish, or ignorant, and therefore don’t help.


Depends on your other obligations and who said fellow human is.


generally, yes


Arent you an ultra hard leftist? Positive rights, ie the obligation to support others, via various means (ie social democracy in most of europe) is a defining characteristic of the left, its one of the core principles that set apart the left and right.


She literally touches the bottom of the political compass.


Left is in reference to the economics, not the top-bottom social spectrum.


Well then positive rights has nothing to do with it because that’s not economics.


the political compass interprets positive rights as an economic stance. Secondly alot of the complaints against capitalism against socialism and other hard leftists is based on the rights rejection or low support of positive rights.


Well there’s our problem, the political compass is garbage.




No, we aren’t. But we should be.


No. And it’s doing it despite not being obligated to what makes it so valuable.


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There is no obligation but our selfish gene and instincts push us to cooperate with and help others as that is the best survival route as compared to being neutral or competing.

We are a species that uses laws and to ignore the law that nature puts into us, to be selfish for life above all else, would not likely be a good way to survive.

Fact is, we help each other so much that sociologists are hard pressed to explain why we are so good to each other.

If you check the various stats for evil, you will note that we are at the best levels on must issues than we have ever enjoyed.

Not that the news dwels on our success much as they accentuate the negative. Not the positive.



If you want to help others, then that’s good. But you’re not a bad person if you don’t.

I say that you should live your life the way you want to as long as you’re not hurting others.


I see you take the libertarian approach


I don’t think people are committed to do anything, a few people observe it to be correct or ethically comfortable, to help other people, a few people are more narrow minded or insensible, and along these lines don’t help…