Are you a dare devil?

If you were offered the chance to sky dive or to do something like that would you? I plan on going when I turn 18… :smiley: My brother in law has all of the equipment and stuff for it, I am going with him on my 18th birthday… only two years away!

When I was your age (God that sounds old) I was, ( a daredevil that is) and would have done it in a flash

Now I get queasy on the jumping pillow at work, so


I really wanna do it! John did indoor skydiving in Vegas and at the very least, I wanna do that. Maybe on our honeymoon. knocks on wood

No. I don’t like taking chances like that.

Besides… I am afraid of heights.

I would like to do it. Never made the effort to find a place though.

I would love too, as long as I don’t get hurt.

Nopers i would not, For someone who like the blood and gorey kinda shit im a lil girl when it comes to heights :24:

Yup, I’d like to do it, it’s pretty safe, just never saved up enough and sorted out a place to do it.


Heights scare the shit out of me, I won’t even be hard and pretend they don’t. No thanks, LOL.

Hell yeah!!! I might pee a lil before jumping out, but I would def do it!!

I couldnt do it im to scared so not for me good luck to you when you do it though :slight_smile:

I would. :thumbup

I have bungeed twice, once up, once down…down is easier (c’mon if you splat that way you haven’t got long to think about it!)

I’m older now and a sky dive would be harder since I feel more mortal now! However I would with the right person there