Are you born evil or made evil?



If you had two twins or siblings that were separated at birth. And one was raised in a simulacrum of a society minus the negative effects of it, such as crime, murder, bullying, job loss etc, basically a utopia and had good morally and ethical parents while the other was raised in today’s society, would that influence one more to becoming a better person or a worser person? Would the one living in utopia have the chance to flower into a murder or become bitter with hate? Or is it through hardships, that the sibling living in our world is able to appreciate the goodness and lead a moral life?

What do you think?

Are we born good or made into a bad person?


As with most things there is no binary response to this question. It is hard to deny that the environment while growing up has a significant effect on personality and brain development, as well as the fact that morality isn’t an objective fact and as such there will be cultural differences appearing as well. However, there are also factors determined at birth (or before) that have been shown to be significant, mostly of genetic origin.


Both. No human is born to love. That’s a kumbaya wishlist.


I think this photo will explain…


Well seeing as what constitutes ‘evil’ is conditioned by cultural and social institutions this question is kind of dumb. Obviously people aren’t born with values, traditions, practices and ideologies imbedded into their DNA. We have some basic genetic predispositions inside us; primordial emotional responses which produce feelings of love, hate and fear in reaction to certain stimuli; but to ask whether we are born ‘evil’ or not is just kind of silly.


This is such a crap rip off of Gary Larson, who is an actual comic genius.


and a racist


I think that there are genes that maybe effect you and how you handle things. But I feel like you are made evil than you are born evil. Whether it be negative experiences or the environment you are brought up in, I think it plays a larger role in shaping you into your character. Speaking from a personal standpoint.


Perhaps your perspective on things is rather narrow. What I mean by ‘evil’ is not the Disney’s “bad guy” character. There are some cases where a child is born with a mental disorder that may make them have tendencies to act a certain way, I was wondering if we could suppress it or if we cannot change their nature at all through nurture. Let me give an example, in the wild, a cat and a rat would have been enemies but in some certain Cat cafe’s the mice become surrogate mothers to orphaned kittens. So I was thinking, can we overcome someone’s nature through nurture?


Not familiar with Larson, what makes him racist?


I would say that all humans are born with a sense of selfishness, self preservation, and greed, but other than that, I believe all else is a result of an individual’s circumstances and genetics.


My bad I misread the name I was in a rush, thought he was talking about a radio host and cartoonist from Utah Larsen who is anti-white.


A good question G D

Let me wipe my grin off and give a serious answer.

Please let me show cooperation as good as it does not produce a loser or victim and competition as evil as it produces a loser or victim.

As I understand evolution, we need to both compete and cooperate as conditions dictate.

We default to cooperation as that is a better position in survival terms because we do not take the chance of losing to a competition were we to initiate it.

The problem, as I see it and what causes some to go to evil, is that we seem to have to compete to find the fittest of us.

We are natural competitors even as we know that cooperation is a better survival position.

I cannot see a way out of this catch 22, Can you?