Are you definally coming?


Are you coming to the meet?? If unsure, click maybe and I will make another thread later. I am trying to get the amount of people so we can divide the track up evenly. :slight_smile:

I also posted this over at MF. Some of them seem interested in going. Im hoping it will be big this year. More people, equals less we pay!! :slight_smile:


most def. me and the misses will be there. if anything I’ll go by myself but Im sure she wont want me to go alone. Oh and also unless a hurricane comes through and I have to work and traffic would be hell trying to get out of florida anyway so lets just hope that doesnt happen.


cross your fingers… we are suppose to have 12 this year… I think we have already gotten 2. (one hit us for sure… the other went the other way)


Who knows if I can come. If(big if) work and the wife will let me, I will be there.


Yea lets hope a hurricane doesnt ruin it for everyone. Last year those fuckers were huge, ha even parts of georgia werent even safe.


I am definately coming if Nurse lets me :dunno


:dunno but I can make it to see V’s Boobars :smiley:


Are you coming down for the strip club here in Atlanta?


Yep :rock


Come down on the friday night and we will hit the clubs. V can come too


V Boobars :smiley:


Any girls can come with us.


All girls can cum with us :rock


Slow banger can cum with me too


I second that :smiley: I would hurt the little thing :wtf


I think she could hurt both of us


Re: RE: Are you definally coming ??

Thats a chance i’m willing to take :smiley:


Where is Rockthepony? I have not seen her lately


:dunno me either


im going for te 8th (track day?) but i cant afford to get off work for more than that day. polus we dont get out of school for the monday holiday