Are you left or right wing?



Now, I know theres a political compass thread and ideology is deeper than just left and right yadda yadda yadda. But there is something to be said for the simplicity of the left and right spectrum.

So, place your vote :slight_smile:

Which are you?

  • Left wing
  • Right wing

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Through my acceptance of capitalism and the inevitable economic hierarchies that brings, I’d put right-wing on this poll, but by most measures I’d be considered some kind of centrist.


In before no centre


Left wing, although I am nowhere near as left wing as I used to be (I did attend the Marxist Student conference at one point). Ideally I am on the John McDonnell, Yanis Varoufakis part of the spectrum but I am willing to compromise with whoever makes the Left electable in a particular context, eg New Labour. I am more pragmatic than ideologically rigid.


What he said


I’d consider myself a right-winger.


Why do you say that? I thought you were an anarcho-syndicalist?


I’m a centre left social democrat (slowly moving more right wing but I dont think ill go much further until I’m older)


Accept the capitalism. You’re centre British politics, which is right of centre.


I’m a syndicalist, not necessarily an anarchist.


Oh OK, I didnt know. Still, I thought all syndicalists were left wing anyways? What makes you right wing?


Left. Very left.


… veeeeery, very left.


Pretty much what Joshrune said, except that I’m used to the “normal” of America, so I’ll just put left-wing



Need an option for “I don’t know”.


Take the political compass test then


It doesn’t mean a lot if you have an “I don’t know,” or “I would leave it to the experts” sort of answer for most of the questions/concerns there.


Try just going off gut instinct. Or just saying neutral, and answer for the few things you’ve picked a side for


The lefties say I am right wing and the righties say I am left wing.

I really do not care which I am.