Are you left or right wing?



How would you describe your ideology, comrade?




byeah, it’s a tough sell for me either way, but if I had a gun to my head and was forced to choose, I would say left.


Clearly on the right :joy:


Ah, I was replying to Amy.

I’m a firm socialist. I believe in the existence of the state as an entity/tool for revolution and representation of the workers as well as a vanguard of the workers.


It depends, there are fundamental philosophical questions that basically paint whether you are a right winger or a left winger, but you could still end up on either part of the spectrum, e.g some variants of facists appearing on the top left of the compass.

On the question of hierarchies I take no issue with them as long as they are not arbitrary (aristocracy or caste system for example) and are meritocratic.

On equality, humans are unequal in most ways , I can do programming, others can do art, others are experts at sporting, this is why hierarchy exists in the first place.

There’s many more but It’s your philosophical point of view that decides, such as @Frankie rejecting a staple left wing stance of positive rights, which philosophically puts her closer to the right wing in thought




As you requested;




Probably some variation of center-right, but saying I’m a centrist is easier than clarifying my specific views that push me slightly to the right.


I’ll let people guess I hope I didn’t make it too obvious.

In a ‘normal’ political cycle, I am on the pragmatic centre-right-right fence.

In the current culture war, I am firmly on the ideologically-driven right-wing straddling the ‘far right’ if you come from the mainstream media world.


Neither, I feel like I’ve moved to the centre, or that I’ve become pretty syncretic.


Obviously right wing.


Far-left, bby. Communists, forwards! :^)



That sums up most people’s attitude towards you.


They also do not care whether I am left or right wing?

Well okay then.


Toward your existence in general.


The vast majority of people are not aware of my existence.