Are you left or right wing?



Would probably classify myself as more a left-winger now, though with some conservative ideas.


Far left, center on social views.

Top left when I have to deal with reactionaries


The forum’s personal Anarcho-Fascist.[quote="_lake, post:42, topic:110480"]
Top left when I have to deal with reactionaries

Babby’s first socialism.


Troy Southgate = God






Scientists say that is the last image the brain sends before death


To be fair though, national anarchist communes are a logical conclusion of what would unfold under anarchism.


Why is it that the ‘centre’ extends from commies to fashies now?


Memes, probably


Know isn’t strictly related but interesting too generalising though



You’re right wing.


Dogs are a force of the reaction, confirmed. Let’s go full Chinese on them.


Like what?


My liberal peers call me right-wing. Uh, no.


What makes you think that?


Sounds like someone hasn’t swallowed the regressive blue pill yet ,


I have been called right-wing by liberals, too. Know what that means? He might have gotten the other red pill.


Red pill has nothing to do with your economics, it’s a social thing.