Are you left or right wing?



@StrangeSignal for example, do you believe that biological sex is real? And do you believe that people, in general, will prefer to stick to their own kind?




Welcome to the dark side :smiling_imp:


messy desk :cry:


You have no idea…


I can’t do any work before I have clear and open space, enough room to spread out and nothing that can put me off hahaha I get distracted so easily sometimes I think I have ADHD


All I need is just enough room, or I go to the library.


I guess the library is a good place but I like home comforts, a good coffee and some Clair de Lune


I either buy cheap coffee from the library cafe (which i think was like £1 for a black coffee), or I drink it before I go and bring with me caffeine tabs.

Also I find Rush 2112 or Ludovico Einaudi to be ideal when revising/working, you should try them out.


At least we seem to have one thing in common these days: we both like coffee.


duly noted


But… How do you take your coffee?


Always creating division!

Two sugars, brown.

I sometimes take it black and no sugars when I have to get up early. Sometimes take it with brandy inside if I’m nervous about something. Yes I am a 60 year old




I take mine black with two sweeteners in.

Scotch/whiskey goes amazingly in black coffee btw, even if it’s the cheap stuff.


Already read bruv, already read…


I suppose it does. I’d take it with anything I can get my hands on these days.


inb4 Bacardi in coffee


I wonder.


Not sure it’s worth trying imo