Are you left or right wing?



I think I’m planning to go down the wrong career route.


Yeah, you seem more suited to be an alcoholic NEET instead


I wish


why do you do this?


Let me show you what you are;

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Sorry, I can’t hear you over my self-righteousness


@Underscore @BingoBongoLand hey, jerks, this ain’t a chat.


Then why u chatting shit


I lean towards the right, perhaps. However, I try to be as centrist as possible. The right wing doesn’t have all the answers and vice versa. There are beneficial aspects of both sides. We need to find a balance between the two.



I think we should purge centrists. Who’s with me?


Come at me bro!


Let’s do it.


Lol fuck off n die


I think I need to get the Mi5 and CIA on both of u bcos nobody likes extremists


Out of curiosity, are you a walking gay stereotype?

Also that quote is from post 69, which I just noticed and felt I had to point out


you can purge any centrist that fits the stereotype in the meme

cool eternal centrists like @ricky and i get to escape the wall



Yes and didn’t even know it was a quote hahaha