Are you left or right wing?



Center-right, maybe? The traditional left/right compass is pretty broken and doesn’t tell you much.


It’s not broken. It’s just always had a thousand and one interpretations to it. It also shouldn’t tell you much. It exists as a basic way of grouping certain standpoints together. It’s not really designed for nuance, and never has been.


Its main mechanism is for other political individuals to size you up on what you likely hold as your ideological stance , the naunce is to be sourced once debate begins

From my compass it’s pretty obvious that I’m a liberterian, but what kind is something you would only find out in debate .


[quote="Joshrune, post:103, topic:110480] It’s not really designed for nuance, and never has been.
I never claimed it was designed for nuance. It is my opinion that it’s pretty much broken because it’s purpose of “grouping certain standpoints together” doesn’t really work.





Organicism and belief in the state as a moral force being two of them.


Excellent type.

I am Finns of the EU. Also I am Christian. Racist? I prefer to not to said thus. Race? No. I does like Israel to holder in military branches.

Which human will challenger my story?