Are You Satisfied And Hopeful?


Are you satisfied with your current standing? Does your future give you hope or do you feel like you are on the right path?


Yeah, I’m sure that I’m on the right path. Am I satisfied at the moment with my current position? Not really.


Why’s that, if you don’t mind me asking?


Yes, it’s much above average in terms of the opportunities I have opened up for myself.

No, it’s not enough to be anywhere near the opportunities people in my position had 20, 30, 40 years ago. Product of my birth date, nothing to do.


To the contrary the future, at least in the medium term, gives me more fear than optimism.


My parents were semi-abusive and neglected my education meaning that I’m having to reeducate myself in order to get into a good college.


And what gives you this fear?


It may be dissatisfying now, but it will surely be worth it.


Yeah, it’s worth it. It just sucks having to learn algebra from scratch because my parents didn’t obey the law.


Yes and no. I’m satisfied in so far as I’ve done well academically and I know that I have a few things to fall back on in my life if anything was to go tits up. I also know that I’m much happier than I was 2 years ago.

That said, I also want to get university over with and start making inroads into a future career and setting up my own independent life. That isn’t because I don’t enjoy university, I do, but rather because I want to start my adult life.[quote=“Mac1826, post:1, topic:112681”]
Does your future give you hope or do you feel like you are on the right path?
I’m the kind of person to always try and look at the opportunities available to me, so I tend to be slightly optimistic even if the wider trends should make me feel less certain about my future and more like how @Cameronism feels about his future.


Statistics, hearsay and experience, I guess. Unfounded, sure, but going against the trend is easier said than done.

As I say, my position 20/30/40 years ago would reach high above what my current position offers. Heck, even ten years ago, as I could have gone to a much better university.

Statistically speaking each birth year forward is more fucked than the previous one. I’m already facing the crisis that without a lot of help from my parents, like 99.5% of other people under 25, there’s close to zero chance of me ever getting keys to my own home that is not a bedsit houseshare in Zone 6.

That said I’m not wholly pessimistic or anything, I don’t see the future as one of suffering and starvation, but I see the future as a permanent gradual decline, for which I can only ask to get on the train as fast as possible and begin a career because the later it is the worse it gets. To lighten things up though there’s always the cohort who bucks the trend. I hope to be in it, however ever-smaller it gets.


I feel like I’m on the right path even though it’s been a tough road, and that in a few more years I’ll be satisfied with where I’m at.


I’m almost never satisfied, although I’m achieving more than I thought I could.


Things are okay as they are now, but I do not see things getting better than they already are. I am certainly not hopeful about the future.

That is unfortunate for any future partners.


Satisfied? Not really

Hopeful? Sure


They’ll just have to work hard. :blush:


I would hope for your sake that hard work is worth it. Or you might have some trouble keeping a future partner.


Trust me, it’s worth it. :blush:





I’ve been on the upswing for like a year now, looking pretty awesome moving forward. Everything’s working out for me. I’d say I’m pretty happy by nearly every measure.


I’m glad to see everything is optimistic!


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