Arkansas at its finest! President Approved!


I woke up one morning to find myself deep in the part of america where lack of dental insurance and food stamps run rampant. I’m talking about flannel shirt, chaw chewing, gun rack in the backwindow of your truck territory. Arkansas at it’s greatest.
White trash trailer parks were prevelant in this land of the degraded. Used baby diapers, Beer bottles and 33 inch mudbogging tires piled around the area as we drove through a little town. Population 1,214 all with the same last name.
I never in a million years thought i’d be visiting what is becoming more and more widely thought of as regular american life, In person. I wished to god I could just wave a magic wand and wash all the wifebeating, beerguzzling, Welfare check cashing away.

It really made me want to cry. A tear formed in the corner of my eye as I thought of all the 3rd generation children suffering every year as the first day of school rolls around having to wear salvation army hand me downs and dad’s old underwear. Years of inbreeding did not help much either.

We stopped at the local Pub and Pantry. 7/11 is what a store like this is normally named.

Inside there were women with strollers buying 40 ounce bottles of colt45. Men with trucker hats and wifebeaters on. I couldn’t help noticing the dogchain going from belt loop to pocket attached to their wallets.

All i’d wanted was to get a slim jim and a gatorade. No, It couldn’t be that easy. Instead I had to wait behind Loretta lynn and her white trash family to dole out their food stamps in a big oil covered lump on the counter for a loaf of bread.

I finally got my slim jim and decided it was about time to get out of deliverance and back to my roach motel where I was staying.

I figured once I was in my room i’d be safe from the horrors of what was going outside. I was wrong. I turned on the t.v. and instantly I was smacked in the face with more white trash reality. Jerry Springer was on.

[size=6]And this is a little story as to what everyone thinksArkansas is all about! I, personally, wouldnt live anywhere else. Arkansas is not like this. I promise[/size]


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