Ask tommie tooter what "The Truth" about her really is


since my motives for being here have already been challenged and you are going to get search results back about me that are either pure fiction or distortions of fact and there will certainly be trolls following me in here, i would like to declare this to be the tommie tooter FAQ thread so that topics don’t get trashed by people trolling me.

i honestly was brought back here by a stalker finding old posts of mine and assuming by the name of the forum, that i was hunting minors for sex. the truth is that i have been looking for a decent smaller forum because my politics is constantly getting me blocked at facebook, which interferes with my business and social networking. i’m very impressed with how well this forum is moderated and how well the members respect reasonable boundaries in discussions.

am i the oldest active member here? i wasn’t in 2011, but it seems like everybody i see is under 30. are minors allowed to post here? that is one of the completely false allegations about me. the fact is, because of my medical condition, i’ve been celibate most of my life and all of my intimate relations have been initiated by the women (i have never had sex with a man, though several have tried harder than the law permits)

one of the women who wanted to have sex with me happened to be slightly underage, but otherwise mature enough to make an informed decision about climbing into bed with my partner and then inviting me to join them when i got home from busking*. the whole thing got broken up quickly by my partner because i wasn’t paying enough attention to her. this was 35 years ago, but because she was underage, i’m an unrepentant statutory rapist and pedophile today in the minds of sexually repressed authoritarians and true believers of all stripes, having no rational rebuttal for my arguments, resorting to character assassination instead.

i will not discuss the “sabrina” story with anybody publicly any more. go talk about bringing me to justice or destroying my reputation with my stalkers some place i can’t see it.

i will not debate anybody about my gender either. i am an intersexed person whose genitals were surgically modified as a toddler, leaving me with a penis my brain can’t see properly because the nerve endings aren’t where my brain is programmed to see them, resulting in chronic acute gender dysphoria. i didn’t know i wasn’t a girl until i started getting punished for acting like one. i lived in silence with it most of my life, my trans “birthday” being april fool’s day 2014. i’ve been on HRT since about may day 2015 and i’ve never felt better about myself or had people respond to me as well as they do now, but my anti-fans will claim that i’m a fake tranny because of the “special snowflake victim status” i can claim with it. . this is patently ridiculous for two reasons. somebody would have to be insane to pretend to be transgender some place where it’s stigmatized and tucson isn’t one of those places. all i did was stop pretending to be cis male. i’m a woman who got stuck with a penis because of medical malpractice. .

I AM crazy tommie jayne tooter, the whistle blower from chicago, a notoriously outspoken first generation hippie who grew up in lakeview, chicago’s gayborhood, in the heyday of the chicago democratic machine, right as the happy days and summer of love turned to the summer of shove and days of rage, too young to be in the thick of it, but old enough to know what was going on.

my classmates were the children of upper level management of smaller , family held corporations. the system worked. we were seeing race relations improve and lots of opportunity for non-white people everywhere. if you couldn’t make it in chicago, something was wrong with you, not the system. when our fifth grade social studies teacher announced to the class that JFK had been shot, before it was even clear that he was dead yet or oswald had been caught, called it a coup d’etat committed by a cabal that was going to blame a patsy.

it’s been a long strange road to today, but today i’m currently enjoying the legendary second puberty of the late transitioning gender dysphoria sufferer. my arts are stronger than ever and my peers in the hippie music and arts community are all thriving too. real things artisans cooperative has a really exciting calendar happening starting indigenous people’s day weekend with a medicine harvest retreat to slaughter mountain on the san carlos apache lands.

some time between thanksgiving and valentines day, we hope to put on a tucson indie superstar jam to benefit the rainbow family kitchen mobilizing to feed the disaster cleanup crews. i rode into south carolina with a kitchen in 1989 the morning after hugo. the family had kitchen and aid stations in the french quarter and along the coast before FEMA or the red cross after katrina. same with sandy. the last i heard, there is something in san antonio already dispatching crews and there are several spots inside the disaster area being considered for installing something permanent. for sandy, we were set up in the fire station’s parking lot.

that’s plenty for now. i’m hoping that people will challenge me on personal issues here in this thread rather than derailing good discussions to dis me.

  • busking is street performance. it is a time honored profession that is distinctly different from begging. there are numerous busking festivals around the world every year and many cities, like tucson, welcome buskers downtown, in their entertainment districts, in parks and around their public transportation terminals. some even require licenses whose issuance is juried, like the mallory square committee on key west.


This forum is actually two forums that have been merged into one.

The first is whatever forum you were on back in 2011. The second is YouthDebates, which was bought by the owner of the forum you were on and merged together. The forum kept the name YouthDebates and its overall purpose. Your old forum was basically merged into our one just to attempt to increase the user base, albeit unsuccessfully.

No one from your forum is around besides you, and as YouthDebates was targeted at teenagers and young adults there’s not really that many people outside of those two age groups.


i remember that fellow “Greatest_I_am” from the old forum, but i see nobody else.


How underage is “slightly underage”?


@lake @john

as i told you , i was going to get attacked. i never said any of this nonsense. if this user has been a member of this board for more than a few days, i’ll be amazed.

@Cameron i will not discuss this publicly with anybody. if you wish to ask me any questions privately , you’re welcome to.

it is my understanding that the majority of sexual assault of a minor cases are girls over 16 and men under 30. for that reason, i believe that the age of consent should be lowered to 16, which it already is in many places. this was the sort of circumstance i found myself in. a minor who had been living among adults for years before i even met her. the things that troll was saying are not at all true.


I do not believe these people are just trolls and that you completely innocent.


The user has been banned. Any people joining this forum for targeted harassment of any member will be instantly banned.


i honestly don’t care what you may think about something that happened long before you were born and i will not debate this with anybody on this board.


thank you, but they have now infected somebody who has been on this board for a while. a single indiscretion that harmed nobody 35 years ago is not an appropriate topic for debate.


What did they say that was harassment?

It seems like that is no longer necessary at this point anyway.


if you wish to debate something related to this incident, i have already spelled out my position on the age of consent. children are becoming sexually active at a younger and younger age and false accusations of statutory rape destroy the lives of far too many young men. the age needs to be lowered to at least 16. my social circles do not believe it should be lowered more because they won’t be emotionally mature enough yet.


it may not sound like it from the post I’m making, however, believe me, I spent at least a minute on this and now I have a trail of tears running down my cheek as I laughed long enough to get stomach ache, and at the moment I am left smiling and amused

this is gold


do you know which forum that chucklehead “greatest_i_am” came from? i definitely remember that rap from before. i’m wondering because i totally don’t remember any forums by this name or even any dot-org forums i ever joined.


what ever forum wwas merged with here

i think it had something to do with the democratic party, but i can’t quite remember


Why did you join a website called “YouthDebates”?

Having sex with minors, understandably, makes this quite peculiar.


> “Tommy.”
> “Her.”



The user is banned indefinitely, and I see no good reason for this to be carried on so I’m locking the thread.