Asthma anyone?

I have asthma. It sucks. Usually doesnt bother me but today I had the worst attack ever in my life. I am on an emergency response team at work. We respond to medical emergencies and stuff. I had to run really really far today. I didnt have my inhaler with me. I have albuterol for an inhaler. It usually doesnt do too much but it helps a little bit. I got back to my desk after the call. I took 2 hits of the inhaler and it didnt do anything. I was shaking and my face was numb. I couldnt talk. It was really scary. Does anyone else have asthma? Any tips? A coworker gave me a cough drop and that helped more than the inhaler. That happened at lunch time and I still havent fully recovered.

Sorry to hear that. You have had an emotional day! I do not have asthma myself, but I think it is such a scary affliction. Especially when the attacks are like that.

yeah it was an odd day but it all worked out in the end and things are great. Where in Sconny do you live? I used to live in New Richmond!

Damn girl! Get some stronger shiat! I’m glad to see yer ok! nodz

i’ve been useing them for years but i don’t seem to need them anymore since i quit smoking.:)glad your ok.

I have asthma, never been diagnosed before but I am going to the doctor about it this week. It didnt realy set in till I was about 23. Have only had 1 real bad atack and it was at about the most in oportune time…during sex.

I had bad asthma as a kid. Not sure if I still have it though. I don’t really have any home remedies that could help you. I use to use an inhaler called flovent and that helped a lot with me. I don’t know if you do this but if your asthma is bad you should be taking meds everyday, even if it isn’t acting up. That includes pills and inhalers.

this is probably not reccommended, but here is what I do. I use my inhaler on a daily/weekly basis, just when I feel congested sometimes and stuff, so when I have an actual attack…I take about 7 or 8 hits off my albuterol, and that realllllly helps. Also, I lie down flat on my back.