Yesterday, driving home, I realized I couldn’t breathe.

Naturally, my first assumption was that Audra had finally put a curse on me.

Then I realized I was just having an asthma attack… a huge one.

Got home, put on my nebulizer and blacked out.

Woke up 5 hours later at 1AM, feeling very light-headed.

Still feel a bit… fuzzy.

Anybody else suffer from asthma? Got any handy tips for coping? Something that always helps me if I feel an attack coming on is a cup of hot, black coffee.

… or did Audra curse me WITH an asthma attack???


Are you under a doctor’s care for it? That doesn’t sound good. Audraa leave him alone.

I suspect I have it but it would related to allergies and not nearly as bad as yours. My mom has it during bronchitis and nothing really helps her as her attacks come up very suddenly and with lots of violent coughing. But I would talk to a doctor. I’m sure they could give you some ideas.

I had no idea you had it so bad :frowning: I am so sorry.

DAMN!!! 5 hours :willy_nilly:

Dude, I don’t like you at all, but I wouldn’t wish that on you.

But, yeah, maybe you should check in with your doctor about it.

I don’t know if Audra could be involved or not. She’s threatened to stab me with a screwdriver, and I thought I saw her hiding behind a hearse yesterday while I was out walking. Apparently she wants to do me up close and personal. So maybe she’s just softening you up long distance until she can get to you :eek

Your post worries me!

A little history…

Every night for the past 3 years, my grandson has taken our Cocker Spaniel out for a fast run up the sidewalk, and back, in order to get her to do her night time potties. Well, this past Winter was cold, cold, cold… and dry. He and the dog continued on with the nightly ritual, while I’d stand outside to see who “won” the race back down the sidewalk. One night, about a month ago, when he and the dog reached the grass, my grandson turned around and looked at me with sheer panic on his face. :eek I got to him and asked what was wrong… he said “I can’t breathe”. I got him calmed down just by talking to him and rubbing his back and in the house we came. Stupid me chalked it up to the cold, dry, Winter air. Well… it got worse. Much worse. After a few nights of this happening, I called the Doctor.

He was diagnosed with Asthma. :ninja Just like that. Asthma?!

The Doctor gave him a Xopenex inhaler… 2 puffs every 6 hours, and 2 extra puffs in between if he needed it. :ninja Umm… what do you mean if he needs it? Why would he need more in between, was what I was wondering…

Fast forward to my grandson and his athletic abilities.

He’s always been the fastest runner in his age group … one helluva baseball player (first base, shortstop and pitcher)… worships football (wide receiver) … well, you get the picture. Now he CAN’T BREATHE?! :eek

So, one week into this Asthma gig, he’s enduring Phys Ed week at school. Running the mile, won him the Presidential Award last year. The kid is flat out, lickity split, lightening faaaast. As well as precise.


He COLLAPSED doing the mile. :eek

Off to the Doctor we go, again. She ordered a pulmonary function test to be done 36 hours later. No inhaler 24 hours prior. :ninja Needless to say, I kept him home from school. No way was I going to run the risk of trouble. The first part of the test was done without the inhaler. FAIL. The second part was done after the inhaler. FAIL. :eek

Back to the Doctor we go, whereupon I’m informed that the Xopenex inhaler is useless to him. Say whaaaaat?! U s e l e s s!

That day, his inhaler was changed to ADVAIR - a steroidal inhaler. 2 puffs every 12 hours… 7AM and 7PM… period.

Knowing nothing about Asthma, I’m on a very fast learning curve here, in order to help my grandson, as well as calm my fricking nerves down!

To answer your question about what might work? My grandson’s Phys Ed coach has him cup his hands behind his head and walk slowly. You’ve got to walk it out, to get oxygen into the lungs. Breathe slowly through your nose, so that you don’t hyperventilate, but, you must keep moving.

In conjunction with the ADVAIR inhaler, he’s on 10mg’s of Singulair and 25mg’s of Benadryl at bedtime, to help hold the coughing at bay.

We had baseball practice last night. No running per se` (as in running the bags, or the fence line) but, he was playing shortstop, so he got plenty of movement in. He broke into one coughing fit, which was right before his 7PM dose of ADVAIR. The ADVAIR seems to be helping him… I dunno… the jury is still out.

All I can say is… this sucks!

Your 5 hour black out blows my mind. That’s some scary stuff! How have you coped and how long have you had Asthma? Which inhaler do you use?

My heartbeats…

My Eldest son has asthma.

When it was discovered i didn’t know what was going on so i took him to the hospital, the doctor on call told me he had a murmur or something in his heart, i later found out it was a fuck up and the murmur they could hear was the wheezing in his lungs.

He has had asthma for 6 years now and has it handled quite effectively.
Whenever he gets the flu he likely to have an asthma attack which i normally prevent as he gives off signs, his nose bleeds or he gets a really bad weeze.
Since i moved away from the city though his asthma has not been as bad, he uses his inhaler now and then when he is playing sport but has not needed his nebulizer for almost 6 months.

[quote=“USF Sam, post: 1090119”]

… or did Audra curse me WITH an asthma attack???


:ninja only 5 hours huh? Im losing my touch runs back to sacrafrice another virgin for the cause

I have asthma but it’s mild and even more so now that I live in a dry climate.

Sorry you had a rough day of it. I know it’s scary when one can’t breathe.

I have asthma, but it only really bothers me when my allergies get bad. I had an inhaler, but I don’t anymore. Why should I pay over $100 for something I use maybe once a year?

Awww im so sorry that happened glad your ok hug

Thanks for the kind words, everybody.

Was feeling slightly out of it yesterday, but better today. Still a slight hacking cough, but other than that, fine.


I’m on Albuterol right now and it does the job when I catch it in time. This one just… jumped on me. I’ve tried Advair and it didn’t do a thing for me. Used an entire disk, as prescribed, and I still got them and got them just as bad.

The nebulizer is only for when I get them really bad. I have to break it out maybe twice a year.

It’s the start of pollen season down here- the only thing saving my ass is the amount of rain we’ve been getting. They count pollen as “parts per million” or PPM. The scale goes up to 100 PPM. Anything approaching that is considered unhealthy. Last year, with the drought, it hit 9,000 PPM. That is NOT a typo. You looked out your window and it looked like it was snowing yellow.

Stress helps get it into high gear, so it was probably just a really bad pollen day and then a bad day at work- the perfect storm kind of thing. It was bad the first night, but that’s it. :slight_smile:

Either that, or the virgin that Audra sacrificed lied about her purity.
She got one of those girls that do anal because they say it means they are still a virgin.
The quality of virgins has really gone downhill lately, huh Audra? :frowning:

I have issues with pollen (but officially am only allergic to dust mites and pseudo-allergic to morphine) and it’s been terrible here so far. I’ve had the itchy eyes, sneezing, stuffy nose, and so on since January. It’s getting a little old. Dominic has had the same problems but his doctor is hesitant to say what it could be since he’s so young. Given family history, I’m thinking it’s a good chance it’s allergies for him too.

[quote=“AUDRAA, post: 1090127”]
:ninja only 5 hours huh? Im losing my touch runs back to sacrafrice another virgin for the cause[/quote]

Well, if I ever disappear without a trace, you all know who to blame :willy_nilly: