Atlantic City


so I went to AC yesterday with my dad…we went to the Resorts Hotel and Casino and spent about 12 hours gambling…I was down about $100 but came back made that $100 back plus made an additional $150 on top of that…my dad did well too he left with an extra $800 in his pocket…I prolly would of made more but my dad has more money to bet than I do so I went with what I can afford…anyway it was a great night…to top it off we got hit on by a couple of prostitutes and my dad said get the fuck away from us you skanky whores…both of the broads faces where priceless…they were all types of dumbfounded…it was great


We went to Atlantic City a couple of years ago. First vacation without kids…well since we’ve had em. We drove straight there (about 10 hours) and got there at about 3 in the morning. We stayed at the Hilton…very nice, but next time we’ll go the the Plaza. We were wore out so we just took $25 a piece downstairs to “check it out”. We sat at let it ride…which I’ve never played before. I hit a straight, then a full house. We walked away with about $1000 the first 30 mins we were there. We ended up giving it back in the next week between gambling, plus extras I would not have gotten like a day up in the spa with a massage and all. But - It certainly made our trip. That place was great…closest we’ll get to Vegas since we have a non-flyer in the family…and its not me!!

Congrats on your winnings! And we were fortunate enough to not see any prostitutes…or at least that we knew…LoL!!


everytime I go its usually a good time…this was the first time that I saw prostitutes all around


Re: RE: Atlantic City

so i guess you only went once?


no just the first time I noticed…


Where is AC at?


South Jersey


I like going to AC. I try to go once a year. My brother in law has a shore house in Margate and it’s only a 15 minute trip to AC.


nice…its a lot of fun down there


that sounds like it was fun. I have never went gambling before. I wouldnt mind doing it ONCE! lol. knowing me, I will lose all the money.


you just got to know how to play the odds


vs…well hun that would be a change from spending all the money :banana


just pu the seet back down right