Attacked in my sleep


so yea last night were all up at my buddys house drinkin, and my best friend was passed out early, so im gettin pretty tired, its about 4 in the morning, so i go upstairs to go to sleep. well theres not many beds in this house so i lay in the same one as him, but the opposite way. he woke up, asked what i was doin, and i said i was goin to bed. well i end up fallin asleep. not sure how much long later, but i feel the blanket being ripped off me and im getting kicked then choked! out of a dead sleep! i finally get him off me without hurtin him just pullin him off and holdin him down asking what the FUCK he was doing… and he starts flippin out about something. well after he stops kicking and shit i let him up and sit on a coffee table with a couple other friends, then out of nowhere while im talkin to someone else he kicks me in the face, then after i fall over the coffee table punches me in the face :dunno now im fuckin pissed and one of my friends throws him on the bed and i jump over him with a closed fist about to pound his fucking face in, but i just can’t because of how close of a friend this kid is. i just told him how fucked up he was, how he no longer has a job (he works for my dad) and he can no longer come to my house to see his g/f (my sisters friend) so in the end i feel that i won, by being the better man and not attacking my friends while they are sleeping. but boy i cant wait to see his dumbass excuse for this one :fu


Man, WTF! Was his on shrooms or something?? Unless you pissed him of over something, I can’t see him doing tha tif he was just drunk.


did you maybe lay over him while you were sleeping or something?? I dont know why in the hell he would of done that.


Maybe you accidently grabbed his penis in your sleep and he busted a nut all over his new Scooby Doo Boxers. :wtf


Maybe he was having a violent dream and it came out physically. He might have very well been sleep-hitting. That’s kinda like sleep walking.


i honestly dont know, but ive been in the hospital all day and have a fracture across my nose and all the way under my eye, and i have prescribed percosets :banana


Re: RE: attacked in my sleep

i’d be pretty pissed of, but enjoing the percoset…

what was his excuse??


Re: RE: attacked in my sleep

i’d be pretty pissed of, but enjoing the percoset…

what was his excuse??[/quote]

def enjoying taking 2 every 4 hours lol… and uh his excuse was “i was so drunk and im just going through so much shit i coultn hold it in anymore”

but that was a message he left me i havent talked to him yet


Man, I’m sorry, but I’d beat his ass and still make him pay for your doctor’s bills. I don’t give a fug how much shit he’s been holding in!


yea no shit… but i just cant do that to someone ive been best friends with for years. i talked to him today and hes quitting drinkin. its probly best for someone whos kinda depressed anyways.


please tell me you pressed charges?


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against his best friend?


Re: RE: attacked in my sleep

against his best friend?[/quote]

i cant. i really cant do that. he messed up big deal, but next time he pulls something like this im not holding back. i will put him in as much pain as i am in.


well, i hope he does get help.


if i was you that guy wouldn’t have been able to get up when i was done with him. i dont give a shit how good of a friend someone is, if they betray you like that, they deserve it back.


that sucks…my friends and I mess around a lil bit and bust each other in the chops sometimes or headbutt each other or some stupid shit but that was just going too far…I would of busted his ass


You should have thrown his ass out before you went to bed :dunno