ATV video shot at my friends place


I dont know if any of you guys have heard of the huevo’s video series, but it’s an offroad video made by h-bomb films. It’s a very good video if your into those things. This clip is from huevos 3, they are up to 7 now, so this is a couple years old. Anyway, here is some footage shot at my friends place, (jason luburgh) in cambridge ohio.

This is what we do on the weekends :rock

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Very nice vid… :smiley:

[Napolean Dynamite] They hit some pretty sweet jumps too [/Napolean Dynamite]


Very cool!!!
I should post some more of my shizzz. I have some great stuff on VHS that I haven’t bought the right cord to get it to my computer. :dunno


When I lived in West Texas, we used to go to the sand dunes and have a blast on 4 wheelers. Good fun.

Nice vid.



i couldnt see it




apparently 30mb took it down…