Aussies...have you gotten your Rudd money yet?

I haven’t. I’m sure to be the last one at the close of business on 16 May, watch and see!

Have you lot gotten your’s yet?

I read abt Kevin Rude

I like Paul Rudd.


and I’m getting toey. he promised we would be stimulated by now:(

Mine hit the bank this morning

breakdances wooohooo lol

[quote=“Keight, post: 1102424”]Mine hit the bank this morning

breakdances wooohooo lol[/quote]


(runs to check bank balance)


Mines not there:mad

Neither is mine! My sister got her’s almost two weeks ago. GAH!

maybe they a going in alphabetically?

Hah! Then I am sure to be dead last!! Damn Z surname.

:24: sorry…but:24:

I’m an M, but partner is a D

hhhmmmm wonder if there’s something he’s not telling me:(

I don’t know if it is done alphabetically though. Some people at work have theirs already - a K, an S and a B that I know of.

But it’d be just my luck to have it go alphabetically! I always hated alphabetical things as a kid. When your surname starts with Zj, you’re ALWAYS last. This kid in my year, James Zahara, always used to tell me that he loved being in my class because it meant he was always second last.

[quote=“sophie, post: 1102431”]
This kid in my year, James Zahara, always used to tell me that he loved being in my class because it meant he was always second last.[/QUOTE]

Haha aww.

Oh! One year we had a Polish exchange student whose surname was Zwycki. That was a good year. :slight_smile:

there was talk it was by surname or by postcode, however the gov has paid all the money over now, its up to either your tax accountant, your bank or the post man delivering the cheque.

that doesnt seem right…maybe I should ring my tax lady. coz theres NO point ringing bloody Centrestink

The kids one was paid directly into my account

ah yeah diff government girlie.

Its tax gov which means it has nothing to do with centerstink lol

Its all about tax man this time, my kid one went right into the bank too proves at times like these centerstink is way better than paying taxes :24:

I could see there being a delay if you did your own taxes, but I do mine through an agent, so you would think it would be there

and hubby and I do ours together (how romantic hey?):24:

I get 3 x 900. Mine, hubbys and eldest daughters (coz I leant it to her to register her car, and hubby knows to give me all his money)

Oh you did yours through an agent? Mate of mine got his a week ago and he did it through an agent, apparently the agent had it for a week before he decided to give my mate a call… Id be ringing your agent girlie and getting up him about it

aaaah, so it goes directly to them like a tax return then?

Now I’ve got it…BUT…I’m pretty sure she is only open for like 8 months of the year, when she is doing taxes…one way to find out

off to phone