Australia votes YES


I realise this forum has “quietened” somewhat, not sure who if any will see this, but I put on the record that my final post will be on my two loves… Aussie politics and social affairs.

Australia has today voted YES to same-sex marriage, with 61.8% of voters supporting the move. If the Turnbull government keeps its promise, it will be legalised by Christmas.

Only 17 of 150 electorates voted no; interestingly the top 9 no vote seats were Labor held.

This is a resounding win for the SSM movement and also for the Turnbull government, who has copped 25 newspoll defeats in a row.


It seems to have worked out then :slight_smile: Very good news indeed!

I personally don’t believe in marriage at all but equal rights are important. Its good to see that, after hearing the extremely loud anti-LGBT Austalian voices try to use the old defeated arguments against gay marriage, that Australia chose equality over bigotry.

Conrgrats :slight_smile:

May I ask if you are, or if you know anybody who is, LGBT, @owainp ? And do you see yourself getting married in the future now?


I hesitate to describe people who do not support this as bigots, though no doubt there are, simply because I know of many who do not support SSM for religious reasons etc. I think it would be unfair to class them as bigots simply for holding to marriage as it has been held for thousands of years. In saying that, there are those who oppose it simply because they don’t like homosexuals. Such people I have little time for.

Well to be honest if I knew when I joined this forum in early 2015 that I would even post this, I would’ve laughed, and then cried for the state of my country. I was very much anti gay rights, I originally moved here to stop me fighting people on facebook over such issues. I was, to put it simply and honestly, a homophobe, a protector of conservative Christian morality.

Now a bit older and, if I may, wiser, I see this as a good thing. It is not my place to deny the rights of those who simply seek recognition. I will not stand in the way of those who for so long have been rejected, oppressed and hated, simply for accepting themselves as different. I have, in short, changed my mind. This was at the end of the day a campaign for love, and Christianity (at least, the vast majority of it) stood against that. I hate the slogan “love is love,” because to me it is simplistic and almost meaningless. Nonetheless, Christians, whose beliefs are centred on love, chose to stand against that. Society will not forget, and probably will not forgive that. I will not stand anymore against the rejected, but rather, with them.

To my shame I do not know of many members of the LGBT community, though I do know that many former members of this forum were/are.

I am not myself LGBT, though I… understand where they are coming from, if that makes any sense. For myself to stand against their self-identification/realisation is, and has been, hypocrisy.


It sounds like you have come a very long way!

Are the people around you (friends, family) of the same opinion now too?


A very long way in a remarkably short time.

For the large part, no. My change of heart came around largely due to personal reflection and circumstances, I don’t know that those around me have struggled with the same “issues.”