Auto show


i went to the auto show last night - it was interesting - teh ford booth was the most packed out of every one there…

guess why?

hehe. aside from all these people trying to get picks sitting in mustangs, (lthey had like 5 of them) they had the gt40, the shelby gt500, and the GR1 all within 15 feet of one another… the gr1 was all aluminum - it looked cool but weird… anyone see that old movie “flight of the navigator”? it looked like a car version of that…

the carrera GT was also awesome, i must have watched it go around like 4 times…

also, althogh the charger was weird, the srt version was actually kinda cool, it had real aggressive styling in the front and a kickass paintjob

um what else - cant remmeber… but i saw inside the maybach upclose - its frickin crazy in there…that la-z-boy in the back is the best thing ever


Eww…i’m not a big fan of the Dodge…but i wish i saw the others :smiley:


yeah it wasnt my cup of tea either, but it was not as bad as i thought.

i took pictures, so when i get them done ill try and post them if i can.


Noice :booze