[size=6]The next person to get 2 people to join will get a SURPRISE amount of tokens!!! (it will be way more than generous amount of tokens)

Also, remember you can use your tokens to make new titles for people… Soon there will be more things. :)[/size]


If only you would have done this a month ago Veronica. I’d be sitting fat with teh tokenz!!! Time to go recruiting!


i thought I already told you, that if you get 1 more person to join, I was gonna give you 1000 instead of the 200. . . . . BUT… U never did?? lol


looks around “who can I get to sign up?”


<<<<Doin teh same…hummm :smiley:


looks like I’ll make a trip to the library and a friends house and start a bunch of accounts posing as my friends. hahahahaha pwnt!