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in augusta, ga, the subburb of columbia county is in the process of finalizing a multi-million dollar gov’t compex. this complex moved the oldest operating courthouse from appling, ga, to evans, ga (but in the same county. not only is this ruining the historic contex of our area, it is diverting tax payers’ money form needing programs, such as road improvement, to aid in building this new complex. the new complex also includes the police station, DMV, and a new library and center for the arts. the complex looks nice and all, but it isnt really getting much use. also, the city of augusta is moving northward in expansion of subdivions and commercial real-estate. good thing though, this means more population up at the lake (clarks hill) :banana

are there any growing pains in your city? :dunno


I’m missing something here… Why is this a good post? Help me understand, please, pretty please.


the whole current events thing- i dunno actually- :dunno it really isnt that great, i just posted it after seeing the thread about tokens and awesome threads are worth like 25 tokens. i want tokens


I went to college with a guy from Augusta.

I know nobody cares, but I’m just trying to learn the arts of post whoring.



I didnt know you was from ga… WhY did you come to our meet last october??


i didnt know about you guys last oct :dunno i joined MF in november after i got my stang- if i knew about it, i woulda come


welllllll… we may do one again this year… will you come this time?


if i get the info, sure- if i can get off work, this part time job doesnt give many days off and im not eligibly for days off untill 6 months agter working there, it will june 1, i startd working thanksgiving weekend.


we probably will have another meet again in october… Havent set it in stone yet… but we will figure something out… Last year we had the meet… We got a keg and rented the track… Costs us a SHITLOAD of money and there was only 3 people that came. :frowning: So we had to pay alot… so this time it will be alittle different.


as for the keg- im 16 and am not “supposed” to drink. plus, im in school in oct. so if it is a weekend thing and i can get off work, me and friend or two may come down.


hell I was drinking kegs at 16… :smiley: I used a 1 gallon milk jug as my cup…no shit


i think that pretty much everyone over 14 has drank before, but ppl under 21 arent “supposed” to because it is “illegal” or something like that- if i remember correctly. :dunno


as long as it is in your household and you dont leave, its ok. :slight_smile:

Yes it would be on a weekend. :slight_smile: