Alcohol without Liquid!
I just seen this on the news that instead of getting drunk on alcohol there is this thing that is really popular in China that is making its way over here. You can get drunk by inhaling alcohol! I, personally, think thats a recipe for disaster.


Hmmm, since i HATE the taste of alcohol, that might be kinda nice. :banana


how the hell does that work??


wtf?! :dunno whats the fun in that!! no more beirut or other games :tard


i think it already made it over hear. they say its bad for your lungs. so i hear. :dunno


you can’t fail a breathalizer I heard



Tis true. There was this guy I partied with for about 30 minutes… he shot up Vodka… :tard I didn’t see him around after that so I have no idea what happend to him.

I’ve heard alot about AWOL when I was in the military. Sounds coo.