Bany emoticons you think r funny? send 'em in![/B]


okay! so the “drunk emoticon” didn’t work!

please don’t laugh at me???

maybe it’s this one:


:willy_nilly: this guy is my absolute favorite, remdinds me of the movie Team America and the secret code!

lol!!! whats the shortcut?

:willy nilly:

umm not sure…just clicked on the little guy!

grumble grumble

where’d u find him?

wehn i reply to this post, i click on go advanced, then on the right side of my scren is smileys, and i click “more” and scroll down he was just chill’n there towards the bottom:)

with heavily feigned lisp
Awethum… thankth tho much for that lol

:bates: :blah: :dunno :kneeljoe: :eng_mofo :lala: :cheerleader: :pics: :willy_nilly:


i think i deserve some rep thrown my way for introducing you to the wonderful world of smilyes:)


me too— lookadis:


Awwwww thx for introducing me to the world of smileys
:slight_smile: i’m so happy i could do this:


ty for telling me how to get :willy_nilly: !!! i’m so happy lol

No, I think you deserve smiting for that!!!:wink:


now that im awake, and not so much drining going on , i read back through this umm…worthles attemtp at a trhead, and i totaly agree with you…i think ill ground myself from this place for the next three days…excluding today of course;)

Grounding is Not necessary…

Besides We need you here to Blame for this mess that you created…


We would blame you even if you werent here :tongue:

lol yes i know you would, and i didnt creat this mess…mess was already here, i just contributed…and your right i think ill stay around, that when fingers start flying, i could pw a bit more and get myself eitehr A in more trouble, or B still in trouble but not as much…there is no C option for me im done for! (no pw by the way.ummmm oh my favoritine guy thingy :wink: ) there back on topic