Babies made from three people approved in the UK


Nature intends absolutely nothing, its not a conscious.
But if your asking “is this natural” well, no.
Although you dont actually care if its natural, considering your opinion on race mixing.


Computers aren’t natural, you know.


A whole host of medical problems are natural, but I imagine you’re not opposed to medical treatment designed to deal with them. Natural =/= good.


Which is why I advocate gene editing.

A threesome child, if raised by all 3 ‘parents’ would likely fuck up the child psychologically.


This is not a procedure about “threesome children” that would be raised by three parents. The procedure is designed for couples where the mother has a genetic defect in her mitochondrial DNA that would endanger the child, and because mitochondrial DNA can only come from the mother, you have to use the DNA from a woman exterior to the couple to get a sample of not damaged DNA, hence “3 parents”, but it’s really just 2 parents as usual whi git a little help from someone else with the DNA


It’s yet still a stepping stone for “3 parents” and will lead to down a slippery slope.

I’m not against gene editing such as this, as I mentioned, I’m against threesome parents.

If there’s another way to edit the genes, then that would be preferable, if this is the only way then it is generally permissible.


But it’s not tough. If you consider this a stepping stone, you should have started at sperm donation, which is technically a worst offender at having “three parents” socially speaking than this technique (which is called three parents because technically the baby will have DNA from three different people)


Sperm donation and three parentage is different. Three parentage, if raised my three parents is likey quite psychologically trying on the child. Whereas two parents (one not DNA connected) is not psychologically trying on the child.


Wtf is this 3 parents BS. It’s like arguing against surrogacy saying they have to raise the kid along with the 2 genetic parents.
There’s only 2 parents. One male and one female mixed DNA. The third parent basically is cloned not mixed.


@Joshrune @Shanknado it’s our time lads.


There’s a very big difference between inventing something and toying with the very fabric of life itself.


Not exactly, no. Any technological advancements are ultimately modifications to our way of life, effectively altering this “fabric of life”.


Way of life/way of living =/= Actual human life.


What is the difference exactly? If you’re referring to the concept of life, then this doesn’t really change it at all. All it does is shift how humans are produced, which is an impact on how humans live.


I don’t think there is anything fundamentally wrong with three people having children together. I think it would probably be a big step for gay and lesbian couples. However there are some implications if three people try to raise it, I find that awfully unnatural. I don’t see why we should move away from the custom of two parents.