Baby names~!

NO I am not preggo, this isjust for fun! Post cute name combos with your last name.

Hayden Alexander Holmes
Brianna Nicole Holmes
Jordan Taylor Holmes
Lucy Renee Holmes
Megan Ellen Holmes
Blake Patrick Holmes
Sellers Matthew Holmes <(family names)
Skylar Jade Holmes

ahh cool my fiance and i decided the following:

for a girl Serinity (undecided) Alvarado

for a guy Zan (undecided) Alvarado

Yeah we still cant agree on middle names:( for sereinity weve been throwing around rose for a middle name, no idea for if its a boy though!

Boy: Aeon
Girl: Aeris

[quote=“BreakfastSurreal, post: 315351”]NO I am not preggo, this isjust for fun! Post cute name combos with your last name.

Brianna Nicole Holmes

Thats my daughters name! Well not the Holmes part but Brianna Nicole is her name:D

oh weird i thought i made it up! nice name you got there for your kiddo :-p

Another name matt likes is Aurora Jade Holmes.

Go with Pilot Inspektor

I like:
Faith Eryn
Hope Skylar
Kaiden Reigh
McKenzie Grace
Jace Parker

But Im not having any more kids :frowning:

I don’t really know of any names which sound cute or funny when combined with my surname.:frowning: If you can think of any, let me know, its Scholefield.

Katherine Elizabeth

I don’t remember what we decided on for a boy’s name but it has the same initals as my husband.

I picked Phillip Drake for my son

I kinda like emma for a girl though … I’ll give this some thought and get back to you LOL. [SIZE=1](might come in handy teeheehee)[/SIZE]

[quote=“Boomer, post: 315353”]Boy: Aeon
Girl: Aeris[/quote]

but … but … but … Aeon is a GUUUUURRRRRL lol


I’m particularly fond of good ol’ Hebrew names for any boys of mine: Ido, Abraham, Noah (or Noam). For girls: Stella Marie, and Alabee Yafit.

Oh another one…my friend just named her baby Bella Marie. lol. That’s funny Matt that you say stella marie.

stella…now that’s a good ol’ italian name.

I like Amber or Alicia if it’s a girl.

James :smiley: or David for a boy.

My parents thought Amber was an unique nane until there was three Ambers in my 4th grade class.

Yeah there were 3 in my class. Amber isn’t a unique name, but it’s still a pretty name.

Amber Marie, to be specific.

They had never really heard it used before I was born. But it seems like it was only popular for a little while. I haven’t run into many in the four or five years I’ve been volunteering and all in elementary schools. But I like Amber Marie.

I’d go with Michael James

[quote=“TheOriginalJames, post: 315364”]I like Amber or Alicia if it’s a girl.

James :smiley: or David for a boy.[/quote]

Now if you have a girl you will always think of me, unless I made that big of an impression on your life that you would name your first born after me!:D:nanajig::nanajig::smiley:

LOL You’ve made an impression alright (actually a good one too, btw). :wink:

But I’ve always liked that name, and one of my ex’s was named Amber Marie… I loved that name too.

If I have a daughter, I’d be split right down the middle on those two names. It’d be up to my sig. other to choose one.

Edit: if they don’t get vetoed in the first place.