Bacon vs Redstang vs MrAWatts


Well if I were to continue on with my post whoring, I would have a higher post count than Bacon not too long from now. Possibly even less than 2 weeks. But he seems to get butthurt whenever I PW.


I mean, I got over 1000 posts in like 5 days. When has Bacon done that


Ah, I can almost hear the lame comeback already…




Your gay :gay


I had to vote for Bacon. Even tho youre catching up, FAST, the majority of his posts had content. Any one of us with time on uor hands could go to the PW thread and post:

:smiley: submit

:smiley: submit

:smiley: submit

etc. etc. etc. x about 1000


I would say about half of my posts are acutual sentences. Even in the PW thread at first I was using full sentences, not just smileys. And I post tons outside of that thread as well.

And STFU redstang.


Oh yeah, and the only reason I felt like using nothing but smileys for that bit was because catching up to someone with almost 4000 posts would take quite a while just writing normal replies every now and then in other threads, so it was neccesary.


we all make normal posts why do you have to be lame and post pages of smileys…Oh yea your :gay


You don’t make normal post, you flirt back and forth with your bf bacon for hours at a time filling up other ppl’s threads so stfu


:blah :blah :blah all I hear is :blah :blah :blah


so now more than 1/2 your posts are just a single :fu


you didn’t earn anything


all you did was take the easy way


Well I’m not talking to you so I don’t give a shit bacon. Why doesn’t this place have a block button…


all that is, is a 1/2 assed job


do things the right way


c’mon you can do it


as you can see I am…


Whatever, I don’t have anything to say to you. You and Redstang need to pull the stick out of your asses.