feelings so good that you don’t want to hide them
a deep warmth that you wish would stay forever
emotions missed for so long brought back


a balance that is there, always there
all good and bad things eventually coming to an end
a rollercoaster of being,
highs and lows happening at all the wrong times
caught in a cycle


forever perpetuated by the choices i make
choices i never regret
choices i wonder if i really have
irony, twists, surprises
constantly turning my emotions one way or another


wondering if its worth the highs to deal with the lows
questioning the existance of happiness
wishign it need not be balanced by depression
hoping against hope for happiness neverending


mind body and soul
wanting to have things for me
wanting to give myself up for others
wanting to be the good guy
dark selfish desires still present



hey nice randomness here, im feeling it:)

i see a lot of battles: highs vs lows, wanting to please yourself while pleasing others(being the good guy), happiness vs depression, duality, conflict- and we’re caught in the middle, we dont know which way to go,what’s the best balance between them, indecision, and it all ends on frustration.

what do we do? where do we stand?

good post, bagel.

great writing bagel…many questions i ask myself all too often hugs thanks hun