Ball, Metaphysiks will OWN you


my hats off to anyone who finishes this game, whether you get a trophey or not. I finished it, but almost gave up. ball > you



check it out :smiley:


I got to level 23 or something, and got SO irritated with it… so I gave up for a bit


really fun game but i dont have time to play 125 levels.


fun, but time consuming, and yeah, i did finish, but wow, that is a skilled game… :tard


carpal tunnel anyone?


how do you submit a score in that game? do you have to finish? i got to like level 50 or so with the electric charges shooting out and moving pieces and shit, but i had to go to work and couldnt find a submit score button :dunno


you have to finish to get your score :lol


I don’t have the patience…I got to the level with coconuts and laser and both are blocking the warp in the upper left hand corner…fug that game


I got to the part where the gravity goes in reverse. That sucked, I lost all motivation and quit.


well it was a fun game for me :smiley:


You have WAY too much spare time and patience.


I gave up almost before I started Redstang got :owned


Re: RE: Ball, Metaphysiks will OWN you

well i really think the people who play games like “get a head” and score so high have WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY too much time and wayyy too much patience…

i dont get how u can kik the fkin head so perfectly 3 fkin times…

i guess this game was just somethin i am ok at…

it didnt take me long. probably 10-15 minutes.


just too boring for me


Yeah, I didnt care for it. Dont have the time to sit there and do the same thing over and over. Kinda boring to me.