Bath verses Showers


Which do you prefer? Me, I love my bath, like when I have to shave my legs or just relax. But, Im so use to taking showers.




shower. i need to clean my bath tub… lol


I do like a hot shower but when ever I have a chance I like to take a hot bath…not too many tubs on ships and all we have in the barracks are showers stalls so I’m stuck with only showers


i take showers regularly but i take a bath about once a week …they are so relaxing


showers. i used to get in the hot tub some when i was sore and beat up after doing some MX riding or BMX racing…


I have to go with a shower. I feel sooooo clean after a loong HOT shower. To me, it seems like a bath is no more than stewing in the stuff you just washed off of your body in the first place. :dunno A hot bath can be relaxing at times but I always take a shower afterwards anyways.


Shower, i usually wake up go to the bathroom, then shower.

The best is a warm steamy shower at like 6am before work or something, or a ice cold one after a long day of mowing the lawn and such in 95 degrees of pure minnesota humidity.


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really. wow. and i wondered who answered doesnt take either. :barf


I take showers most of the time, but I do find it much more relaxing to take a nice hot bath when I need to shave my scrotum. I just love it when my sack is smooth and silky.


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does your wife like it too.


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does your wife like it too.[/quote]

heck ya!


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does your wife like it too.[/quote]

heck ya![/quote]

:wtf Ok… I think I’m going to go throw up now.


My wife likes it too


Chicks love shaved balls :smiley: and a well groomed fella :hump


I love my baths, but lately I have only had time for showers… :frowning:


BTW I take showers


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the thought of bringing any sharp object that close to that area… ::shudder::


i like taking showers with my girl…she’ll be washing her hair and i’ll go up behind her and be like WOOOOP! :smiley:


me and joe use to take showers together alot and have some fun-- but it all ended when we have a visitor named austin that walked in and asked mommy what she was doing!! lol