Being Sick


Okay, I cannot stand when people who are sick go to events and make everyone else sick. If you are sick, go home. Do not go to parties, do not come to school, just stay away from everyone. Don’t make everyone else sick because of your own selfishness. If you are sick and go to a party, you’re going to cough everywhere, you will touch food and spread germs around and everyone else gets sick just because all you could think about yourself.

I am very passionate on this topic because I really really hate getting sick as @Underscore @liberalofthenorth @_lake @Frankie would know.


Ok I do not understand the point of this post but I feel you. Also I think it is a two way street and people should consistently use hand gel, to prevent the spread of their possible diseases too.

Not even joking, when I use the school computers (they keyboards are DISGUSTING) I have to use hand sanitiser.


dude same. like when you touch the keyboard and your hands feel absolutely disgusting after words. i don’t even touch hand rails/doors in public because it’s just a gross thing to me.


I carry around hand sanitiser and school and all my friends make fun of me but I don’t care. Dirty otters.


Lol they make fun of you but they’ll be laughing on the other side of their faces when they contract ebola lol


I always went to school sick unless it was a sickness that made me actually immobile. It’s not worth missing out on important education b/c you have the sniffles.


I normally take around two sick days a year. Well it adds up to about eight.

Two for actual sickness
Five for ‘activity week’ (where we do fuck all, last week of school, it’s like curriculum days)
and normally one day is the day I come back off holiday and it runs into school time (we never get billed £60 though trolololol)

Anyhow my attendance never reaches below 96% amazingly, 93% and above is what they say gives you a good chance of achieving a grade C or higher.


This came from some girl coming to a party I’m going to even though she has a virus. I will actually cut her if she comes within ten metres of me. That is just selfish and disgusting. Coming to a party because you really want to even though you’re contagious and can infect everyone.


i’m surprised she even went, i would be in such a shitty mood that i would just wanna chill and not being around people at a party.


She’s so annoying. All she does is want to go to parties. That’s why she’s selfish. She cares about herself and her needs and does not care that she’s going to fucking infect the entire fucking party. So annoying.


i have a feeling there is more to this than simply the girl being sick.


Yeah, fuck people who do stuff that increases the likelihood of them infecting others.

(but not literally, you should avoid literally fucking sick people)


I’m really glad you added this, I was about to go out and find the nearest HiV infected person and fuck them bareback. Thanks for the heads up!


dont judge my lifestyle you sexist misogynistic racist shit


Same here