Best cardio exercise


I just want to ask a question what do you think which is best cardio exercise …???
share your opinion with me…


All outdoor cardio exercises are good for the weight loss.
For me jogging, running, swimming, and cycling are best.


I do endurance trainging exercises on my treadmill that consist of low speed walking for a couple minutes then jogging for 3 minutes. I do this for 20-25 minutes total a day. I have also jogged for 5 minutes, then hopped off and did a set of jumping jacks, squats and situps then hopped back on for 5 minutes and did this for a total of 30 minutes a day.


My trainer told me the best cardio exercises are the ones that keep your heart up or metabolic exercises. He gave me this list:

  1. Swimming
  2. Boxing
  3. Running

This is in order of the most metabolic one to the least metabolic.


In all fairness - as there is no one type of cardio exercise that could be regarded as being more beneficial than another - there is no such thing as " the best cardio exercise ".

For the simple reason that - as cardiovascular/aerobic exercise is generally considered to be - any form of continuous activity - meaning - done without stopping - that is done at a pace brisk enough to elevate the heart-rate and that can be sustained at that level for a period long enough to have a health/fitness benefit - which is currently considered to be least 20 minutes - good examples of which would be anything from - riding a bike to hiking, power walking, running, dancing, swimming and skating - both ice and roller.

The best and most beneficial " cardio exercise " - is in reality - not the type of activity - but the one that you enjoy doing the most.


I like to play sports to get my cardio in. It allows me to focus on something else besides my own body, which keeps me going even when I get fatigued. Also the competitive aspect helps me push myself more than I normally would. If I cant find people to play with then I like to do burpees for a two or three minutes then take a minute break. I do that until I am exhausted. Also I find biking to be really fun and also practical as well. I can ride my bike to work or to the store and get some quick cardio while I do my daily activities.


The best cardio exercise is the one you enjoy the most. Some workouts are more efficient than others but if you don’t enjoy it, you’re not going to keep up with it. Try different exercises, find out what you like, and stick with it.


It seems counter-intuitive, but I love doing yoga for cardio. Before I started doing it, I never thought yoga was anything but stretching - I definitely didn’t think of it as cardio, but it gives you a great cardio workout. I first did yoga as part of the P90X system, and they even use it as a warm up for other, non-yoga workouts. It has helped me with cardio endurance training because it keeps your heart rate up and fairly constant for the duration.


I go for a run every morning (usually as soon as the sun goes up), because it wouldn’t be as hot, it still has the morning fresh air, there are very few cars to watch out for, and best of all, you have the streets all to yourself because everyone else is still asleep. Run for around 30 minutes, and take a cool relaxing shower afterwards. You can’t beat that.


Anything other than HIIT is inferior. All hail HIIT.


Burying a body is a pretty good workout.


As opposed to inside cardio, which is bad for weight loss? wut

To OP: Anything that gets your heart rate up and fits your goals. If you want to get better at something, do that.


In terms of pure effort and fitness, sprints have no rival.


The only cardio exercise I like is going for walks around my neighborhood.

I don’t like to run because I start huffing and puffing too much. And I get sweaty by running.