Best damn video ever


I love this frog…its fuggin hilarious


Now that was pretty damn funny!

[quote=“UncleBacon”]I love this frog…its fuggin hilarious[/quote]


lol so random, but hopefully by next june ill be able to make videos similar to those :slight_smile:

Learning 3d studio max


:funnah :rofl :rock :cool


i wouldnt say the best ever but it was ok


I know its not the best but I had to put something up there to get people in here to view it…that frog is a riot though


no that frog is goddamn annoying. it needs to die


don’t hate on the frog…I’ll have to kick your nuts out your mouth


Re: RE: best damn video ever

:lol you sure do have a fascination with mens nuts. first it was ill stomp your nuts out your ass and now ill kick your your nuts out your mouth. are you trying to tell us something.






this requires imminent release of the mortal coil by stealth

Ack! This frog has been thrust down our nation’s throat for about a year now though I still find myself imitating the ‘de de de de dee dee…’ to annoy my dear friends.


I speant a lot of time over seas so I caugfht onto the frog a lil late…price you pay for being in the navy


meh, i thought it was mildly amusing but i just kida stared at it with a straight face till it was done… :tard