Best Looking Celebrities


Post the pics (and names, for scientific research purposes) of who you think the best looking celebrities are - male or female.

I’ll kickstart proceedings with the most beautiful woman in the world (and my current desktop background, a coveted position):

Natasha Oakley

Natasha has a best friend whom she does ‘A Bikini A Day’ with (check it out), that friend is:

[details=Devin Brugman]


Completely unrelated to the previous two models, but beautiful nonetheless, is:

[details=Daniela Lopez Osorio]


In the music world I for some reason have an unexplainable thing for:

[details=Charlie XCX][/details]

To stay in Britain, the next contender is:

[details=Lucy Mecklenburgh][/details]

And in the name of gender equality, I’ll give a special mention to this god on earth:

[details=Ryan Reynolds][/details]

I can’t actually think of anymore, though I’m sure the community shan’t let me down.

Post away.


You know what… you’d be better off just looking up ‘pornhub’ and see where that leads you…


If that’s what I was looking for, I’d go to Brazzers. Far better porn on there.


>danny devito not listed


Here’s a hottie
"Celebrity" actually just means tasteful pornstar. I’m bad with actors/actresses but I have no idea who these women are.


Mila Kunis.

Jake Gyllenhaal.


It may be the childhood association with him, but I love me a bit of Tennant.

Emily Browning

There are others but cba



In the name of gender equality, I shall provide one of each gender. They are not necessarily the best.

Scarlett Johansson

Chris Hemsworth



keira knightley


Rebel Wilson.


I forgot you’re into fat chicks


She’d honestly need a wheelchair.


Something tells me she’ll need a mobility scooter whether you get your way with her or not…


Am I the only one that doesn’t follow celebrities enough to be able to answer this question

I had to look up the 50 shades girl ffs



how hard are u into melissa mccarthy


She doesn’t have a good face.


> first thing he finds to critique is the face

fat fetish confirmed


Jamie Dornan


Probably gonna make a long post here when I’m not at work and can make dubious google image searches.