Best Looking Celebrities


My man videogamedunkey


I’m seconding Charlie XCX, Daniela Lopez Osorio and Natasha Oakley in the OP. Hot damn. That said, I’m going to go trash/normie-modie and say Kendall and Kylie Jenner. I also have an unexplained crush on both Sky Ferreira and Adore Delano (yes, the drag queen).

Kendall & Kylie

Sky Ferreira

Adore Delano

and so many more celebs


What the fuck is wrong with you


they’re hot okay


He’s straight and attracted to well-endowed women


Only just


No Katy Perry appreciation here? SHAME.


What exactly is a celebrity?
Tori Amos
Lady Gaga
Very attractive but I don’t really consider first two celebrities, just famous musicians. Lady Gaga has thunder thighs but I don’t care.


I think a rule of this thread should be “pics or it didn’t happen”, mostly because I’m too lazy to google image every name that I don’t know



oh yeah, these are my gay crushes:

Lana Del Ray:

Lady Gaga:



Nicki Minaj:


Also don’t forget Princess Kate!


Don’t think I could find Lady Gaga attractive if you rewarded me $1m for it.

Shakira’s a 9 though.


Wow lady Gaga actually looks uglier than I thought she did.

(I had no idea what she looked like before this)


Amy Schumer


Not Leslie Jones?


Did you see her nude leaks?


Unfortunately I did.

Unless you mean Leslie.

Then no.

She honestly looks like a grandmother from her face. Premature aging.




Incredibly overrated

Your gay crushes are basic asf


Emily Browning is probably the most attractive celebrity I have seen.

(pic already posted by Bingo)