Best Looking Celebrities


Kate Beckinsale


DADDY :weary: :weary: :weary: :weary:


Here goes my list of favorite male celebrities, sorted in two categories of good looks: the sexy and the cute.

The Sexy

The sexy ones are the ones with the hot body, that arouse lust most of all: expect little shirts in this section.

Let’s start with a classic, beautiful eyes and gorgeous face

Jensen Ackles

Or you can go with the bigger and (a lot) taller version, with the best hair in America

Jared Padalecki

This category is titled sexy and you are starting to be a bit disappointed that you haven’t seen a more typical top model in his twenties ? Say no more

Cody Christian

“Can I have the same but with blue eyes ?” Sure you can !

Robbie Amell

And to conclude this section, a little bit of Craig Horner because I mean, come on, the hair, the smile, the 6 packs…

Craig Horner

##The Cute
Now the cute ones, they may not always feature the same six packs than the category above (although that’s definitely not excluded), but they are those whose face could be mistaken for a “free hug” sign and whom you can describe with the same adjectives that you would use for a kitten.
Not clear enough ? Let’s start with the examples then. Large blue eyes ? Check. Adorable smile ? Check. Looks 5 years younger without facial hair ? Check.

Dylan Sprayberry

Same category, same name, same strange phenomenon about facial hair

Dylan O'Brien

Different name this time (and I really could have gone with a third Dylan :stuck_out_tongue:), but still an adorable face. No existing record of facial hair this time.

Michael Johnston

And the last one, because puppy eyes. And the hair, the hair is great too.

Devon Bostick

I hereby conclude this post (which I must say I spent way too much time making :stuck_out_tongue:)


Face looks like a man



Do you not think Kate Beckinsale is hot?


If you put a bag on her face, yes she’s hot. But face is so important to me that I can’t say yes.


> Thinks Kardashians are hot
> Thinks Kate Beckinsale is not hot



Honestly, I cant think of any either.


Will Smith.