Bid away


great cause. i hope they get a lot of money for it


They will break the bank with that thing


edit: they will break the swiss bank with that thing :booze


100,100 now


It’s at $125k now.

I’ve seen it on the show the last few weeks, with different celebs signing it. I remember them doing this once before, maybe a couple times before. When my Uncle did the Leno show, I know they had one for something, but I don’t remember what the cause was.

I think it’s a great idea.


I think he did one for the Tsunami victims. :dunno


Yeah, i think he did it for that too. He seems to do this for big fundraising events and stuff.

Definitely works though!


I can live without that motorcycle :smiley:


yeah the tsunami relief and the first one was the 9/11 i believe. hey rachel whos your uncle. anyone we would know of.


Current bid: US $125,600.00

Time left: 6 hours 12 mins


If I had that kind of $, I would definately buy it!


bidding over. $505,100.00